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30 for 30: An Intramural Dynasty

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Cairn University Athletics has made its name through several different NCAA sanctioned programs. Cross Country, baseball, and men’s soccer have all shown relevance in their respective sports.  What if I told you that the team with the greatest legacy at Cairn would not be an NCAA team, but instead would reside as an intramural team, and would go on to change the landscape of intramural sports forever?

Enter “Cobe’s Crew™,” founded in November of 2013 by Steve DelGrande, and named after a fellow classmate at Cairn University, Jacob Perkins. Cobe’s Crew has been around for 4 years and has dominated the Cairn University Intramural platform ever since its inception.  Since then, “Cobe’s Crew” has accumulated 12 intramural championships in a variety of sports.  Whether it be basketball, football, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, ping-pong, bubble soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, or handball, “Cobe’s Crew” has won at least one championship in each of these sports in convincing fashion.  


The founder of “Cobe’s Crew”, Steve DelGrande, had this to say regarding the legacy of what many consider the most dominant intramural team to ever grace the campus of Cairn University, “Cobe’s Crew is about loyalty, commitment, and trust. We have been together since freshman year.  A bunch of laid-back, upbeat, handsome men who just wanted to win together.  The biggest imprint we have left on Cairn Intramurals is Family.  We came into this barely knowing each other, and we will leave a family.”  The concept of family is not only held by the founder, as Seth Newell, captain of the “Cobe’s Crew” soccer teams reiterated Mr. DelGrande’s thoughts, “As one of the proud captains of the Cobe’s Crew dynasty, I couldn’t be more proud of what we built here during our time at this school. As an original member, we built our dynasty through Freshman Flag Football and proceeded to dominate every intramural sport Cairn had to offer. We accumulated 12 championships through all sports under the name “Cobe’s Crew.” My niche was captaining the indoor and outdoor soccer teams that brought home championships respectively. It has been a pleasure and an honor being a Cobe’s Crew athlete and captain for these past 5 years. I appreciate each one of my teammates on the various teams!”

Each player that participated in the “Cobe’s Crew” dynasty had his or her own specific roles.  Some will be known as big contributors, while others such as Matt McDevitt and the aforementioned Jacob Perkins will be known for their verbal support and humor they brought to the team as a whole.  DelGrande had this to say regarding these two stalwarts, “I must thank Jake Perkins, who this team is named after.  He has been the most selfless player for us his whole career.  Whether it was battling injuries, or simply acknowledging he was not the best player, he always sacrificed for the good of the team. Matt McDevitt was just the person everyone loved to watch because of his body.”

Many of the players who have stuck with “Cobe’s Crew” throughout the past 4 years will be graduating this December, leaving it up in the air as to what will happen to this incredible franchise come Spring semester.  However, if this is the last time Cairn University students will get to see “Cobe’s Crew” compete on the intramural platform, they can rest assured that they have witnessed a level of greatness that may never be touched again in the Cairn University Intramural Program.


In Memoriam of Cobe’s Crew Athletes:

Steve DelGrande

Ryan DelGrande

Jacob Perkins

Matt McDevitt

Seth Newell

Alex Crawford

Benjamin Stupid Chapman

Mark Heater

Connor Eby

Javel Foreman

Azzy Parmer

Mark Huseland

Dave Wolfe

Billy Holland

Tim Hegedus

Amanda McDevitt

Lindsey McCulloch

Mckenna Zerbe

Tyler Luther

Meredith Jones

Josh Freed

John Michael Stafford

Chadwick Bass

Rob Morales

Omar Askia

Darnell Clowney

Jared Odicio

Carly Eubank

Jon Slader

Josh Riker


Adam Green

Hannah Myers

Rebecca Graber

EJ Hartzler

Chris Jones

Micah Jones

Nate DeSantana

Whitney Seidel

Caleb Seibert

John Choi

Haley Sheehan

Laura Tarbert

Justin Lewis

Jordan Sharpe

Cam Desautell


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  1. Ben
    October 9, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Whoever wrote this article is a bully. Calling someone stupid is just mean and demeaning. This really lacks professionalism and I hope you see the error in your ways. This isn’t the last you will be hearing from me. I would hope you would make wiser choices in the future. Think about if those kinds of comments were made toward you? Would you think it’s the “funny”, “harmless” comment that you made it out to be. Very disappointed in this article now. I can’t even enjoy the legacy that was Cobe’s Crew because of the distraction that was in the article. The best thing that you could probably do is offer up a formal apology and maybe a cash donation of $100 to whoever you called stupid. Any maybe you should edit the article. But you know, who am I to say you shouldn’t call someone stupid. I was just the guy being called stupid…