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A Hundred Opportunities

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Four weeks. It has already been four weeks moved onto campus and stressed over our syllabi. We’ve all been trying to balance and adjust to our schedules. It’s also taken time for the freshman to firmly grasp where everything is on campus. It took me four days just to find the mailroom. But while in the midst of orienting ourselves, one clear encouragement has been impressed on us: get involved.

It was hard to miss the numerous information fairs that have been held on campus. They have filled the lounge in the MAC with crafty posters, a thousand fliers, and baskets of candy. Student organization fairs. Ministry fairs. Church fairs. There was even a bank fair. Dozens of people have put in hours of work to get the information to us. What’s the point of it all?

Being at Cairn for the semester opens doors of opportunity that otherwise we might never be exposed to. In the first month we are exposed to all sorts of places to serve. It’s a chance to dip our fingers into new places and experiences as we begin to narrow down what we’re passionate about. Part of doing that is simply gathering the information.

It’s hard to skirt by the tables to get to lunch. It’s easy to be drawn to a table, either by the pleasant expressions of the people eager to share with us or their artistic display. By the time we continue on, we’re sorting through a fistful of fliers. Maybe they’re only in our hands out of obligation and we’ll drop them in a recycling bin once we’re out of sight.  But there’s a hope impressed upon us to give one of them a thought. It’s more than a colorful flier, a slip in our mailbox, or sharing lunch with someone. We hold in our hands a fistful of ways to glorify God and serve the community, on or off campus. It’s up to us to pick one.

As the deadline for ministry covenants approaches and various small groups are starting, it’s easy to do something merely to fulfill a requirement. If you weren’t able to be at the Coffee House hosted by the SPA a few weeks ago, let me tell you what it was like. People stood on the stage and shared a piece of their heart. They each made a choice to be involved and do it, even if they’d never done it before. It was fantastic to see and hear. No one required them to step up there, but they did anyway and it was a memorable evening. As we all consider what ministries to choose, what church to attend, and organization to be a part of, keep that image in mind. When we involve ourselves in something, whatever it is, it is about more than requirements or expectations.

As Cairn students, we are in a place to impact the community around us. Joining a church isn’t just about us, but it’s about the community there. It’s selfish to become involved only for our benefit. Everyone who is standing around us saying “Move” knows it. If we wait too long, we might miss the opportunity to point someone else towards Christ. If you’re still sorting through fliers and skimming websites, don’t get left behind. The semester is rushing toward October already. We might blink and find it’s over.

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