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A November Challenge- Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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November is officially here, and Thanksgiving Break is just around the bend. Every year around this time, people everywhere reflect on what they are thankful for. But instead of making one of those Sunday-school lists of “things I’m thankful for,” there is something better that you can do for Thanksgiving (and any time of the year). Show, don’t tell. Are you grateful for your parents? Your friends? Your teachers? Your roommate(s)? Show them. Make your deeds speak louder than any words, as the cliche says. If you need some help figuring out just how to show someone you’re thankful for them, here’s a few ideas to get you started.07d615e0

  1. Do Their Chores – Those evil little necessities are perfect for showing someone you care. Does your roommate/sibling/parent always take out the trash or do the dishes? Beat them to it and do it for them. Parents especially love this, but roommates and siblings will appreciate the gesture just as much because nobody ever really wants to do chores. The fact that you will willingly, voluntarily take care of them so the other person doesn’t have to will really show how grateful you are for all that they do.

  2. Write Them a Letter – Especially when it comes to resident students, getting mail in your mailbox is a super exciting event. It’s even better when it’s a handwritten note. So go ahead and write your friend, roommate or significant other a letter telling them how grateful you are for them. It is 100% guaranteed to cheer them up and brighten their day! This is even applicable to professors. You won’t believe how much a letter of encouragement means to a professor when you tell them how thankful you are for all their hard work.photo-1416339276121-ba1dfa199912
  3. Deliver a Snack – It can be really stressful and tiring to have late nights homework-ing or working long shifts on the job. If you have a friend, family member or professor that is going through such a struggle, one of the most meaningful things that you can do is to gather up a little goody bag for them of yummy treats (being aware of any potential/known allergies), and deliver it to them in person. It’s a great way to show how grateful you are for all that they’ve done for you, and it will definitely help them get through that last bit of homework or that last stretch of their shift. It’s simple, cheap, and means a whole lot to the person receiving the treats.
  4. Treat Them To a Meal – Whether it’s Denny’s or a Wawa run, it means a lot to someone if you take the time to go out with them and treat them as the special person he or she is. Everyone loves to eat, and getting the chance to bond together over a meal is sure to strengthen your friendship and show that you appreciate all that they do.
  5. Set Aside Some Time Just To Hang Out – Nothing means more to a friend, family member or significant other than just setting aside some time to be with them. As an extra bonus, put away your cellphones or laptops. Locking up these distractions will show that you mean business (figuratively speaking of course), and that being with them is first and foremost on your priority list. With all the distractions of the technological age, putting away your phones and laptops will have a big impact on showing your appreciation for someone.photo-1421882402971-b18cd1741ac6
  6. Do An Unprompted Favor – Even if it’s something as simple as getting them a soda, doing some small favor will really show how much they mean to you. It’s a nice way to just show your appreciation and show that you’re thinking of them. When someone does something nice for you, you want to do something nice for them, but unwarranted kindness is the best because it shows that you truly do care for them and want them to know that.

This November, I challenge you to go out and do at least two of these things. If you want, do them all. Show your friends, roommates, family and professors just how much they mean to you. Skip those little ‘I’m thankful for…’ lists and really put action to your words. It’s the action they will remember, after all, when they look back on their fond memories.

Do you have any other ways that you show someone you appreciate them and are thankful for them? What are they? Post below and let us know!

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