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An Enchanting Evening: Masquerade Style

An Opinion on the Gala

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“Join us for an Enchanting Evening: Masquerade Style,” reads the sign for this year’s spring Gala. The Gala is a highly anticipated social event here on our Cairn campus, and this year, it will offer a Cairn first: dancing. Excitement increased even more at the promise of a dance floor and DJ, and was accented by the chance to twirl in masquerade masks. But what opinions are circulating amongst students regarding this “enchanting evening?”


Those new to the Gala scene are relying on reviews of last year’s Gala, hoping this year things will be at least as interesting and will at least provide an escape from the campus mundane.

Some students are excited for the enchanted forest theme, looking forward to the decorations that will grace the hall of the Philmont Country Club, the location of our masquerade ball. Others are looking forward to spending time with their dates. “I’m going with friends,” one girl explained, showing me various pictures of the red gown she’s decided to wear.


Many Cairn-ites begrudgingly believe this year’s spring formal will resemble Prom; but I ask, how can a party with dancing and formal wear only fall under the category of Prom-ish? I mean, weddings have many of the same elements as Prom—dancing, dresses, food, a photo booth—but weddings are in their own category entirely, and not compared to that of Prom in the slightest. So why should we instantly jump to label the Gala with such a negative connotation when these Prom elements exist elsewhere? Cairn is a University, not a high school; high school is in the past, as is the Prom.


The “galaposals,” though silly in some eyes, should not be criticized so severely, nor taken so seriously. In essence, these “galaposals” provide a way to advertise, as well an opportunity to win free tickets. What student attending the Gala does not want a chance at winning free tickets? Plus, it’s something to spice up life at Cairn and add a twist to the monotony of a student’s life. These “galaposals” are simple attempts for students to be creative, and have fun while doing so.


So this year, perhaps the formal will finally pave the way for students to think twice about the Gala, encouraging its masquerade dancers to consider the evening as enchanting as the masks adorning their faces.

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