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Caleb Bishop

Caleb Bishop

I'm a Camping Missionary Kid from Wisconsin. As a student I'm in the Dual-Level Masters of Counseling, B.S. of Bible with an emphasis in Discipleship Counseling & Youth/Family Ministry. I am a former WWCer. I love God, people, learning, activities of sports/outdoors, and the Church. God has gifted me with Serving, Mercy, and Shepherding and with a dry punny sense of humor. If you are at Cairn You Rock:) (1 Peter 2:5 & Ephesians 2:20)

What is the Cairn Facebook Student Prayer page? Where in the world did it come from? Why and how is there 446 members from a range of Cairn students, both current and alumni, on this page; yet, it seems like a secret to the Cairn Community? Or is it? How

Being at Cairn has provided me with several opportunities to cross paths with many students and friends. I realized very quickly that some had little support outside of the Cairn community. For those friends, coming to Cairn might have been their first genuine interaction with a loving Christian community focused

I think at some point as an underclassman, I had thought about this before. I loved it when upperclassmen reached out to talk to me or even poured into me. But there were times where I thought, “Man, if only there were some more great senior/upperclassmen leadership, then this campus