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Jess Schnittjer

Jess Schnittjer

Just a girl who loves naps, cats, reading, and the outdoors.

Tattoos are one of those topics that are taboo in the Christian realm. The topic falls in line with some of the other gray areas of Scripture like drinking, dating, drugs and politics. Because believers try to leave peaceably with one another, they usually ignore the theology, philosophy and ethics

Seeing your Instagram and Facebook blow up with people apple picking, pumpkin picking, hayriding, and more and not sure where in the world they are going? Here are some places near Cairn where you can take your own cute fall selfies and celebrate surviving midterms. Shady Brook Farms 931 Stony

Embrace the cold weather with these delightful treats that are easy to make in your dorm (even Heritage & Manor) and don’t require many ingredients! Have another fall favorite? Comment the recipe/link to the recipe below!   NUTELLA MUG CAKE Ingredients 4 tbsp flour 1/4 tsp baking powder 1/4 cup

We are all too familiar with the phrase referring to singles who begin dating and get engaged before the end of the school year. Urban Dictionary defines “ring by spring” as, “Christian college kids in their senior year that feel a need to get engaged before the final semester, thus

Written in an unspoken imaginary book are guidelines that set freshmen apart from upperclassmen at Cairn. Every year without fail, there are certain characteristics about “baby cairns” (that’s my favorite terminology for freshmen here) that everyone just tends to follow. If you want to make it obvious that you are

Click this link to witness Watch Me being performed at Cairn. Have you been guilty of whipping or nae nae-ing? Our Penndel RAs jammed out to Watch Me at Student Welcome and Orientation. How’s that for a friendly welcome to the new freshman?

When was the last time you had a bad day? Did you pretend that everything was okay? Were you wearing a happy mask, Hoping someone cared enough to just ask? Some people never seem to have a hard time, And appear to always be in their prime. In reality they