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Kristen Castner

Kristen Castner

Kristen loves to read, write, eat gluten-free cookies, collect journals she doesn’t need, cultivate her addiction of book-buying with money she doesn’t have, spend time with her adorable boyfriend, cause trouble with friends, and relax in the love of her Savior who loves her unconditionally because He can, and because He wants to.

Amy Faust

Amy Faust: a dual-level senior, earning her Master’s degree in education and her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education; a student supervisor for Nexus; a middle school basketball coach for Calvary Christian Academy; a friend, girlfriend, and roommate. Amy Faust does it all—but how does she balance it all? Amy’s balancing

I’m sorry, where did October go? It was right here, in the heading of my paper, yesterday. With November upon us, as well as random 70 degree days, it’s been hard to swallow holiday commercials and Christmas decor lining the aisles in local stores. For the college student, November isn’t

Place: GoodStuff Thrift Store Address: 543 Lincoln Highway (Rt. 1) Fairless Hills, PA 19030 Distance from Cairn?: 10 minutes (6.8 miles) Cost?: It’s a thrift store, so very cheap. How do I get there?: Make a left out of Cairn; go left at the light by the BP gas station;
Book Cover

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith.  Rosaria Butterfield. 208 pp. Crown and Covenant Publications, 2014. Rosaria Butterfield, previous Syracuse University English professor, advisor of Syracuse’s Queer organization, and former lesbian wrote this autobiographical account detailing her abandonment of her secular lifestyle and

Some high schools are notorious for their athletic programs. From Friday night football games under the chilly autumn lights, to intense indoor basketball games in heated gyms around the holidays, these are both sports-oriented highlights from our high school years. Maybe you were a student who often found yourself crowding
Kyle Castner

Pyramids, camels, extreme heat . . . sound familiar? This past May, Cairo, Egypt was a recent travel destination for many Cairn students. I had the opportunity to sit down with my brother, Kyle Castner, who attended the Cairn Egypt trip, and record some of his experiences for The Scroll.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this may be, in fact, one of the first in several years that the seniors are sharing a roof with the freshmen. With the selling of Penndel, upperclassmen are now condensed to the living quarters of Heritage Hall and Manor Residence. Gone are the days

Student teaching frightens just about every education student—but can you imagine teaching in a foreign country, completely alone, in a brand new culture? For Madison Errichetti, this image will be a reality come Fall 2017.   Madison Errichetti just completed her junior year here at Cairn and is venturing into

The crowd was screaming. Students were on their feet, clapping slowly, watching the volleyball bounce back and forth over the net. The score was close, and the men’s volleyball team found themselves in the fifth set; there would be no second chances at winning once this set was over. Finally,

The 2016-2017 academic year is drawing to a close: final exams are around the corner, final projects are in full swing, and the last days of classes are in a progressive countdown. Interesting events have taken place this past year in the political/social news, national news, and even changes on our own