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Kristen Castner

Kristen Castner

Kristen loves to read, write, eat gluten-free cookies, collect journals she doesn’t need, cultivate her addiction of book-buying with money she doesn’t have, spend time with her adorable boyfriend, cause trouble with friends, and relax in the love of her Savior who loves her unconditionally because He can, and because He wants to.

The Athletic Department gained a new face over the summer.   Over the weekend, Matt Fenton—the Highlander’s new Sports Information Director—was kind enough to answer a few of The Scroll’s questions, allowing us to introduce you to the newest Highlander staff member. As the mind behind the Highlander’s revamped Instagram

College is perhaps the one place where individuals are most challenged, most in search of identity, and most in search of answers. Most often it is people, places, and things that hold these answers—what we allow to influence us truly molds us.   These past few days I have been

New roommate. New living space. New classes. New friends. “New”—a word used to describe the start of every school year. Yet with this newness that comes about, how are we, as children of God, able to find peace in environments that change so frequently? College freshmen are familiar with the

“Join us for an Enchanting Evening: Masquerade Style,” reads the sign for this year’s spring Gala. The Gala is a highly anticipated social event here on our Cairn campus, and this year, it will offer a Cairn first: dancing. Excitement increased even more at the promise of a dance floor

Managing priorities is an important part of mastering the balancing act otherwise known as “college.” Schoolwork, friendships, communication with loved ones at home, and the essentials such as eating and sleeping all require the proper time, attention, energy, and focus throughout the day. Balance is crucial if one wishes to