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Lydia Hill

A Jesus-loving, commuting senior who is most likely to be spotted with a Dunkin' cup. A passionate lover of thrift store book shopping, Papermate flair pens, hiking in chacos, and using the Oxford comma.

We all know that collegiate athletes are recruited for our athletics from across the country, but did you know that our school even has athletes recruited from different continents? After hearing that the softball team recruited a pitcher from Guam, I had to find what brought her all the way

To anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with Cairn’s campus: On campus, there is a spirit rock that allows students to spray paint  whatever is on their mind that they believe should be voiced to the school. Most times, the rock is painted for school related events (ex. “Congrats class

We are still in the month of January, so hopefully your new year’s resolutions are still going strong. This year I made two (in the hope that I would be successful with one of them).   My first resolution is to eat healthier by not eating fried Chick-fil-A food when

As the year draws to its close tomorrow night, we are all given the opportunity to reflect on all of the highs and the lows of 2016.  From racial tensions, the presidential election, and the deaths of so many beloved individuals, it is safe to say that 2016 has been

What can I say about Starry Night that has not already been said? I love it. I love walking up and down the walkway with my closest friends drinking hot apple cider and eating Christmas cookies. The scavenger hunt was also a really great way to direct how my friends

Dear Freshmen, Take advantage of every opportunity. You have almost, almost survived your first semester of college. How exciting! Actually, before you go on reading this, take a minute and pat yourself on the back. Did you? Okay, now we can continue. So yeah, opportunities. It’s common for freshmen to

So Thanksgiving break is almost upon us. I am only two classes away from the joy of turkey, stuffing, and family. Given the anticipation for the season, the Gobble Games event last weekend was perfectly timed to look forward to the joy of Thanksgiving break. Overall, I think it was

When friends and family ask me how my semester is going, my answer is always the same: “I am just holding out until Thanksgiving.” As an English Major, the couple weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Break are my personal, academic hell. This period of time is where all of those

There has been a somewhat epidemic raging our campus. It is not something you can catch in the air, but it almost seems that you can. I, like so many others, have a concussion. Even as I am writing this article now, I am having a difficult time as my

Homecoming was a concept I never understood in high school. I was as uninvolved as you possibly could be. All I ever did was go to class and then go home on the first bus that I could take. I went to one dance (a very awkward sophomore formal), and to