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Lydia Hill

A Jesus-loving, commuting senior who is most likely to be spotted with a Dunkin' cup. A passionate lover of thrift store book shopping, Papermate flair pens, hiking in chacos, and using the Oxford comma.

Dear little yellow parking ticket,   I hate you. Okay, maybe that is a little harsh. I am sure you had the best of intentions when you tucked yourself in my windshield wiper two weeks ago. I get it; I parked where I wasn’t supposed to. And I get that

I am a girl who loves twinkle lights, especially when they are laced through tree branches.   So it is safe to say that I absolutely adored everything about the Garden Party this year.   I will take any opportunity that I can to dress up, so this semi-formal event

Okay, so we all have our opinions of the cafeteria. There is no pretending here really; everyone figures out by the end of the first week that the food can leave, well, more to be desired.  Sometimes the cafeteria pulls off a quality option, but most times you’re left “eating

In the middle of practice, just 3 days from our opening game. The swooshes on my cleats, not yet yellowed by the dirt. are still a glowing bright white. Katie Johnson and I have just joined the team. She tries to start a conversation while we are batting together.  

I have loved the addition of coffeehouse events in this school year. I think they have been a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves creatively and for the student body to support them. The themes for the night have been unique and inviting.   This last coffeehouse though did

I have to admit, I was skeptical.   Really, really skeptical.   Because what else would epitomize the Cairn experience more than to have an event that blatantly caters to the girls pursuing their M.R.S degrees? [See more about that “degree” in Ring by Spring and “Cairn’s Hookup Culture.“]  

The Blizzard of 2016 may not be a scheduled event, but it is clear to all that it is a moment in Cairn’s history. Arguably, this snow day should have been a school day so that we would have had off, but I will not complain too much. It seems

A bunch of twinkle lights can easily put me in a good mood, so it is safe to say that Starry Night left me full of joy.   We have finally reached the last day of classes, and it is safe to say I am so blessed for the semester

Cairn’s SPA pulled off another wonderful coffee house and open mic night, after the successful turnout at the “New Season”  event in September. The room was warm and students occupied every square foot of space in the room. It’s funny. I thought the spirit of this “taste of home” coffeehouse

I am having a really hard time writing this. No, really. I am. As I am writing this, my palms are a little sweaty and I’m not really sure how this article is going to end or even how it will be received. My last article regarding Chick-fil-A was controversial