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Lydia Hill

Lydia Hill

A Jesus-loving, commuting senior who is most likely to be spotted with a Dunkin' cup. A passionate lover of thrift store book shopping, Papermate flair pens, hiking in chacos, and using the Oxford comma.

It was a chilly night at the annual hoedown, yet somehow amidst all the fun we all got a little sweaty. For freshmen and seniors alike, there was a mutual sense of laid-back fun out in A-Lot Friday night. (If you’re a commuter, you might have been slightly disgruntled that

“Oh great, it’s Cairn students,” I heard my manager say as she took off her glasses to wipe her tired eyes. How often I have heard that reaction reiterated throughout my work experience at Chick-fil-A. After working there for the past two years, I watched many Cairn students saunter into

A room full of young adults, ranging from freshmen to seniors, all gathered together for one common purpose: to worship God. Taking time not only to sing in a collective group, but also to read from His word and pray for one another. If this type of environment interests you,

Being a commuter myself, I compiled a list of struggles that my commuter friends and I face on a daily basis. As we begin the start of a new semester, old habits begin to settle in again and pet peeves begin to irritate. In other words, the struggle of commuting

“This year is going to be amazing.” This is the optimistic perspective of Kristen Caster, a sophomore level English major and Heritage Hall R.A. After spending her freshman year learning and growing in experience, she now is ready to take on this semester with full energy. Despite the full, eighteen

Dear Freshmen who attend a Christian college, I am writing this in order to help you prevent the mistakes that I made my first semester of freshman year. My thoughts will be even more applicable if you come from a public school background. Regardless, it is good to be aware of