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Rachel Krodel

Rachel Krodel

Hello! I am an English major in my senior year of Cairn. I'm from Harrisburg, PA and my older sister is a graduate from Cairn. I have a strong passion for writing and I know the Lord has given me this love for creativity. I'm so excited to use my gift for Cairn and the community!

Dear Cairn, First of all, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for the long nights of homework where I learned that procrastination really doesn’t pay off, the late nights with friends that proved time is irrelevant when you’re having fun, the chapels where I cried, the chapels where

Spring break is a wonderful time of the semester. However, returning from break can be very difficult. To bring a little sunshine to these dreary post-spring-break days, here are a list of back-to-school struggles that we can all relate to.   Waking up for classes after being able to sleep

Theater isn’t a hobby. It’s a way of life. This semester, I had the absolute pleasure of performing on stage with a wonderful group of people who I got to call castmates. While I have participated in assisting behind the scenes for Cairn musicals in the past, I never had

Seniors: they survived Sandy, they ferociously reclaimed their school from the “Cairn Alligator,” and they have persevered through eight (or more) rounds of finals week. But one other thing that seniors have gained great experience in is the art of the fire drill. With a $500 fine handed to anyone

Personally, I’m not an athletic person. My siblings played sports, but I’ve never been involved in sports aside from the year or two of soccer that I played when I was roughly ten years old. For the majority of my Cairn “career.” I have avoided sports games and matches, preferring

Having just survived Snowmageddon (winter storm Jonas), 2016 promises to deliver on all the prayers of snow we sent up during December. Here are some handy tips to staying warm during your treks from residence halls to class, MAC to dorm, or even just when you go outside to have fun.

Whether you’re a resident or a commuter, you have eaten in the cafeteria at least once. Chances are, that one time left a strong impression on you. Here are the most common impressions left upon the student body as we experience years of cafeteria food. (For those of you, like

Last Friday, students, professors and members from the surrounding community swarmed the walkway to enjoy Cairn’s popular annual event, Starry Nite. Helping the Cairn community get into the Christmas spirit, there were Christmas-themed photo booths, a large Christmas tree, Christmas lights galore, and even Christmas ornament decorating! With the students enlivened

Adjacent to the main Smith building, just to the left of Chatlos Chapel, lies a building that is filled with an abundant amount of knowledge and resources. This building is the Masland Library, a veritable paradise and at the same time the bane of many students’ existence. Some students have

Apathy. It’s the worst possible thing that can attack the Christian heart, and with just eighteen days left in the semester, it is a disease that has infected the Cairn community. It spreads from person to person, pervading deep into the heart and mind. We suddenly find ourselves not caring