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Cairn Student Christmas Traditions

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It’s that time of year already: Christmas time. And as Christmas rolls around, it brings with it the season of traditions. Most people share in their own annual Christmas traditions: movie nights, cookie baking, decorating the tree, or visiting family, just to name a few. But what about Cairn students? What do the members of our “Cairn family” do when they return home to spend time with their loved ones? Below are a few Christmas Tradition testimonials to peruse—maybe you share in the same traditions other students uphold!

“Every year we all pile in the car, stop for some milkshakes, and then drive around for an hour or two looking at lights.” -Madi Errichetti

“Everyday after Christmas, my extended family (about 40 of us), rent out a bed and breakfast and hang out and play games for three days.” -Steven Van Ness

“My mom and I watch Christmas movies together during the days leading up to Christmas. When it gets closer to the holiday, my grandparents come over to decorate the tree as a family while listening to Christmas music.” -Alexandra Nathan

“Every year my family and I do a gift exchange based on the individual’s ‘favorite things’ to celebrate how much we know about each other. We also sing a ‘remix’ version of the 12 Days of Christmas.” -Rosetta Davis

“Every year we would stay up and watch Christmas movies. We would sip on hot chocolate, open one gift, then go to bed. Once we wake, we  would have a huge breakfast, open our gifts, and go back to sleep if we wanted to.” -Richard Kozo

“On Christmas Day, after our individual families open our presents at our houses, we all come to my Grandparent’s house to have a brunch and open up more presents and do a Pollyanna.” -Heather Shiel

“A few years back, my family decided to stop spending all our money on the gifts under the tree. Instead, we use that money to gather together for a family vacation, so we can all enjoy each other’s presence (<— it’s a pun).” -Stephen Basille

“We always open one present before bed on Christmas Eve, and then read the Christmas Story as a family.” -Amy Faust

“Christmas Eve we go to my Grandma’s for supper and exchange gifts with the cousins. We wake up to coffee, hot chocolate, and cinnamon buns on Christmas Day.”-Juston Wolgemuth

“Every Christmas, we have a big brunch at my parents’ house with all my siblings, nieces, and nephews. After we eat, we open presents and spend the day together playing board games and reminiscing.” -Deanna Good

“50 years ago, my grandparent’s church gave out little booklets for parents to read the Christmas story to their children. Every year, my cousins and I read of Jesus’ birth from these same books—by candlelight!” -Amanda Kloth

“Every year my family, and another family we’re super close with, take the train into Philly, watch the Macy’s light show, walk around the city, buy candy and catch a meal in Reading Terminal Market before heading back.” -Cody Skaer

“My family and I go out to Hallmark and we each pick a new ornament to add to the tree when we decorate later that night. By the time we each move out, we will have already started a collection of ornaments for our own trees.” -Lydia Hill

“We open our gifts at 12am. So yes, in our sleepy daze we open presents!”  -Joffrey Rosa

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