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You’ve seen them around, racing along the walkway or jogging down the road in the distinct maroon of a Highlander. They are the cross country men and women’s teams. Their games are not as popular as Cairn’s soccer or volleyball games, and the cross country team is sometimes overlooked, yet

As the men’s soccer team prepares for the upcoming Homecoming game, Assistant Coach Tim Ebersole reflected with us on how the Fall 2015 semester is going. Due to Scott Fogarty’s departure as head coach, current coach Luke Gibson (who started the position last year) has carefully and actively recruited new

With the fall semester underway, Cairn’s women’s tennis team gained some brand new players this season! According to Assistant Coach Tara Munro, there are two returning students who have never played tennis before, along with three freshmen joining the team. One of the new players, Penndel RA Ricki White, was

This poem is about running. “Run released”–––released from every hindrance–––was our Cairn Cross Country motto last year, and running is too demanding a sport to be without purpose. Hence the title. It is often quickly assumed that running requires talent but this assumption misses something crucial: you can succeed personally

“We are very excited about the addition of our new women’s volleyball coach Miss Debbie Schendel and her many gifts and abilities being applied to her team. A big event to be looking forward to will be the team’s home opener on Tuesday September 8th at 7:00. We are looking forward to

aleb Basile: I have been on the cross country team for two years now. I originally joined just because my brother, Matt, nearly “forced” me to run with him, so I decided I would join the team for one year. I wanted to quit a couple times in the first