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As Cairn University transforms from empty dorms and quiet walkways into a bustling environment of activity, new and returning students find themselves thinking over the possibilities of a brand new semester. When planners spill over with homework assignments and campus activities flourish, many students wonder how they can get their

Dear Freshmen who attend a Christian college, I am writing this in order to help you prevent the mistakes that I made my first semester of freshman year. My thoughts will be even more applicable if you come from a public school background. Regardless, it is good to be aware of

Click this link to witness Watch Me being performed at Cairn. Have you been guilty of whipping or nae nae-ing? Our Penndel RAs jammed out to Watch Me at Student Welcome and Orientation. How’s that for a friendly welcome to the new freshman?

Cairn Music Groups – Open to ALL students! Like music? Check out the opportunities available to all Cairn students here: From touring groups to musical theater, we have a place for you! You can also earn ministry credit by participating in travelling ensembles. For more information, contact:  Abbie Mulhern

Location:  Manor Hall Date/Time:  Wednesday, September 2nd, 4pm – 5pm Join the University Chorale for this time to get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of the University’s largest touring group. You don’t want to miss this if you love to sing! Check it out – no commitment