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Dear Freshmen, Take advantage of every opportunity. You have almost, almost survived your first semester of college. How exciting! Actually, before you go on reading this, take a minute and pat yourself on the back. Did you? Okay, now we can continue. So yeah, opportunities. It’s common for freshmen to

What is the Cairn Facebook Student Prayer page? Where in the world did it come from? Why and how is there 446 members from a range of Cairn students, both current and alumni, on this page; yet, it seems like a secret to the Cairn Community? Or is it? How

So Thanksgiving break is almost upon us. I am only two classes away from the joy of turkey, stuffing, and family. Given the anticipation for the season, the Gobble Games event last weekend was perfectly timed to look forward to the joy of Thanksgiving break. Overall, I think it was

When friends and family ask me how my semester is going, my answer is always the same: “I am just holding out until Thanksgiving.” As an English Major, the couple weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Break are my personal, academic hell. This period of time is where all of those

“Christians can’t suffer from anxiety or depression…That’s like an oxymoron.”   “God would never give a follower of his a mental disorder like depression that they would need medicine to overcome.”   “Anxiety and depression aren’t real mental disorders. They are just a lack of faith, trust in God, and

Word travels fast at Cairn. Whether you’ve recently started a relationship or have recently ended one. Whether you’ve written a funny tweet or have been the most recent person to have had a “corrective conversation” with Dean Sherf, odds are people that you have never met or talked to know

Homecoming was a concept I never understood in high school. I was as uninvolved as you possibly could be. All I ever did was go to class and then go home on the first bus that I could take. I went to one dance (a very awkward sophomore formal), and to

“Enactus” is an international community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable, world. The Cairn Enactus student team has selected four projects intended to achieve the vision of serving the campus, the community, and the world. 

Cairn’s Enactus Team is exploring the potential for generating solar power on campus. Among the numerous other benefits would be a significant reduction in the cost of electricity used to operate our facilities. Dr. Robert Kramer, CEO of Advanced Solar Industries, who also serves as adjunct faculty in the School

For those of you have never read a rubric for a paper, it usually includes the phrase “critical thinking.” At Cairn, if you have ever taken a class with Professor Palladino or Dr. Ebersole, they intentionally stress and promote the development of critical thinking skills: asking thoughtful questions of texts,