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Frank Viola, a fellow follower of Christ, has been working through a series of blog posts on his blog over at to shed light on various people of the faith we revere and adore. I’d like to offer a brief overview of some of the “shocking” beliefs or actions

When I disclose that I have an autoimmune condition to my brothers and sisters in Christ, I generally get responses such as, “Wow, I’m sorry to hear that,” or “I’ll pray for you.” The sentiments are appreciated. However, sometimes I get the response, “Wow, let’s pray for you! If you

The epistle of James has always been one I’ve returned to in my devotional times of study. I’ve always had trouble with it. I’ve wrestled with it quite a bit. One of the questions I’ve had is what exactly James is communicating in chapter 4. I currently believe the central

In His arms is where we’ll be, Once we cross that river, Nothing more will we ever need. If only the world could see, He deserves our praise forever, In His arms is where we’ll be. He has already paid our fee, No more will we ever suffer, Nothing more

The LORD is my Cairn; I shall not be moved. He makes me lie down in soft dorm beds. He leads me beside still ponds. He restores my grade. He guides me down a different path For his name’s sake.   Even though I walk through dark halls Toward final

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Before I go any further, to show you grace, if you do not like reading but found yourself here, I will give you my main points. First, I feel we talk about grace and love to the point where it is almost

Jesus, Our Savior and Friend Bloody on the Cross Thinking of us while saying it’s finished Messiah, Lover and King Love higher than the sky Deeper than the ocean Digs us out of an endless hole saying it’s finished while dying on a pole His heart poured out for the