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Cairn University: population around 1,300. That, readers, is SMALL. Maybe you attended a high school where the total enrollment was 13 students per class. Or maybe you attended a middle school, like myself, whose population was 1,700 students. Regardless, you now attend a small college. And like any school, there

Cairn’s boulder-billboard caught my eye today. It was decked out in some metallic silver spray paint, and had some black script scrawled across it. I mulled over the mantra tattooed on the boulder’s face, “Comfort is a slow death,” and wondered. At first viewing, I thought that perhaps the rock

Kyle Castner— that’s him. My brother. No, he’s not my twin. I’m a year and a half older. Some people say it’s the eyebrows that make us look alike, others say it’s the mouth. Honestly, I have a hard time seeing the resemblance most of the time. Kyle and I

There has been a somewhat epidemic raging our campus. It is not something you can catch in the air, but it almost seems that you can. I, like so many others, have a concussion. Even as I am writing this article now, I am having a difficult time as my

In April of 2015, I walked into Meadowbrook neurology center at St. Mary’s hospital to receive a diagnosis after taking a grueling 5 hour test on my mental capabilities. My diagnosis was a learning disability in math as well as Attention Deficit Disorder, more commonly referred to as ADD (obviously

“Christians can’t suffer from anxiety or depression…That’s like an oxymoron.”   “God would never give a follower of his a mental disorder like depression that they would need medicine to overcome.”   “Anxiety and depression aren’t real mental disorders. They are just a lack of faith, trust in God, and

Coulrophobia: the phobia of clowns. I believe my Dad has this. I also believe, after these past few weeks, students, children, parents, teachers, and the like, all now suffer from coulrophobia. Yet from this current clown epidemic, Christ is still central, glorified, and in control, lest we forget. And, as

Dear little yellow parking ticket,   I hate you. Okay, maybe that is a little harsh. I am sure you had the best of intentions when you tucked yourself in my windshield wiper two weeks ago. I get it; I parked where I wasn’t supposed to. And I get that

College is perhaps the one place where individuals are most challenged, most in search of identity, and most in search of answers. Most often it is people, places, and things that hold these answers—what we allow to influence us truly molds us.   These past few days I have been

Back in November I decided to e-mail a fellow who has played an integral role in my spiritual formation: Greg Boyd. He graciously agreed to an interview. This all occurred during the attack on Paris, so I particularly wanted to hear what he had to say about the event. I