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Among the Christian community, there are varying opinions about the importance of missions. There are those who claim that every Christian is a missionary by nature in their own context, and therefore they do not need to travel to fulfill their calling. There are others who think that missions is

Recently I have been e-mailing some of my favorite contemporary intellectuals within the body of Christ in hopes of interviewing them, making a connection and showing my appreciation. The first man on my list was Dr. Gregory Boyd, who has played an integral part in my spiritual and theological formation.

    At Homecoming last month I’d had a chat with one of The Scroll’s reporters, Rachel Krodel, and later received an invitation from editor Jess Schnittjer to consider contributing something to The Scroll – over four decades after my last Scroll assignment.  Frankly, I’m unsure that many would be interested, but

I am having a really hard time writing this. No, really. I am. As I am writing this, my palms are a little sweaty and I’m not really sure how this article is going to end or even how it will be received. My last article regarding Chick-fil-A was controversial

Tattoos are one of those topics that are taboo in the Christian realm. The topic falls in line with some of the other gray areas of Scripture like drinking, dating, drugs and politics. Because believers try to leave peaceably with one another, they usually ignore the theology, philosophy and ethics

I think at some point as an underclassman, I had thought about this before. I loved it when upperclassmen reached out to talk to me or even poured into me. But there were times where I thought, “Man, if only there were some more great senior/upperclassmen leadership, then this campus

Greetings fellow Highlanders! Today I want to show you a free, useful tool that you can use to enhance your biblical studies. Please click on the link below or enter that URL. This is the STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Person) Bible. It is an online, ESV Bible that

“Will looked horrified. “What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?” Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel In my previous article, I showed that monsters are sometimes Christ-figures. In this post, I want to show that one of the sweetest facets of Halloween, chocolate, is actually one of the most bitter. First,

Penndel parking…what a joke.  I mean, who has the time to wait for the shuttle or wait for a security officer to meander over after their donut break. I am here to get an education; that is my primary goal. Why in the world am I expected to spend my

“We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves.” ― Mike Carey, The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity I have a two part article. The goal in the first is to show that at least one aspect of the Halloween