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On Wednesday, September 30th, many Highlanders donned pink in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). Last October, I would not have thought twice about that day, except perhaps to laugh at the men running around in pink shirts thinking that it makes a difference. Last October was just another

“Oh great, it’s Cairn students,” I heard my manager say as she took off her glasses to wipe her tired eyes. How often I have heard that reaction reiterated throughout my work experience at Chick-fil-A. After working there for the past two years, I watched many Cairn students saunter into

We are all too familiar with the phrase referring to singles who begin dating and get engaged before the end of the school year. Urban Dictionary defines “ring by spring” as, “Christian college kids in their senior year that feel a need to get engaged before the final semester, thus

Freshman Class, I love you. Sorry, was that weird?  Too forward?  Let me start again: You’ve had a lot of advice thrown at you in the past few weeks.  Don’t use a tray.  Don’t wear your lanyard.  Don’t fall in love.  Don’t call your parents every night.  And this advice

In the search for your ideal Christian college, you may meet those who are opposed to higher education, especially one with a religious affiliation. If you’re unsure of how to respond to their objections, check out Cairn professor Jonathan Master’s article “On God and Education,” originally published by The Curator.

Throughout the course of my college career, I have been able to experience two completely distinct experiences, but oddly, for the sake of this article, they will be intertwined. First being the constant shift of people as they enter and leave Cairn, and the second being getting hooked on Doctor Who.  Seemingly unrelated,

Written in an unspoken imaginary book are guidelines that set freshmen apart from upperclassmen at Cairn. Every year without fail, there are certain characteristics about “baby cairns” (that’s my favorite terminology for freshmen here) that everyone just tends to follow. If you want to make it obvious that you are

Dear Freshmen who attend a Christian college, I am writing this in order to help you prevent the mistakes that I made my first semester of freshman year. My thoughts will be even more applicable if you come from a public school background. Regardless, it is good to be aware of

What Beauty Do You Behold in Your Own Eye? It’s strange how the most beautiful people are the ones who most often question their worth. Recently, one of the prettiest girls I know came to me telling me she thought she was ugly and that she had been telling other

As we go about daily life, we check off our “to-do” list, compete for first place, pursue unique dreams, and rush so we won’t be late to class. Why do we do these things? Perhaps you have never considered the deep values that underlie these outward actions – values that