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Dr. Schnittjer’s thorough and gentle guidance into the subject matter makes him an outstanding professor! — Claude Soriano Matt McAlack is the sweetest professor and never ceases to take the time to check in on how his students are doing. Dr. Luther’s knowledge of the Bible astounds and inspires me!

It’s that time of year already: Christmas time. And as Christmas rolls around, it brings with it the season of traditions. Most people share in their own annual Christmas traditions: movie nights, cookie baking, decorating the tree, or visiting family, just to name a few. But what about Cairn students?

What is the Cairn Facebook Student Prayer page? Where in the world did it come from? Why and how is there 446 members from a range of Cairn students, both current and alumni, on this page; yet, it seems like a secret to the Cairn Community? Or is it? How

In April of 2015, I walked into Meadowbrook neurology center at St. Mary’s hospital to receive a diagnosis after taking a grueling 5 hour test on my mental capabilities. My diagnosis was a learning disability in math as well as Attention Deficit Disorder, more commonly referred to as ADD (obviously

Cairn Enactus has partnered with 15 humanitarian-focused companies for this very special event. Showcase for Hope provides an opportunity for the entire Cairn community to purchase unique, high quality products in time for the Christmas season. Featured companies were selected because a significant portion of their proceeds go to supporting those in need. This

45 days: the amount of days we have crossed off the 2016-2016 academic calendar. Have you yet to feel the momentum and positivity swing out from you? Maintaining momentum, motivation, the drive to accomplish schoolwork, and even get out of bed in the morning may all be starting to slip

The Athletic Department gained a new face over the summer.   Over the weekend, Matt Fenton—the Highlander’s new Sports Information Director—was kind enough to answer a few of The Scroll’s questions, allowing us to introduce you to the newest Highlander staff member. As the mind behind the Highlander’s revamped Instagram

Well written, thought provoking business case studies are highly effective teaching platforms that challenge serious students in an active learning environment. Frequently, top-tier textbooks incorporate business cases to facilitate their intended learning outcomes. Business cases from schools such as Harvard and Michigan Universities are standard tools found throughout the curricula

New roommate. New living space. New classes. New friends. “New”—a word used to describe the start of every school year. Yet with this newness that comes about, how are we, as children of God, able to find peace in environments that change so frequently? College freshmen are familiar with the

Being at Cairn has provided me with several opportunities to cross paths with many students and friends. I realized very quickly that some had little support outside of the Cairn community. For those friends, coming to Cairn might have been their first genuine interaction with a loving Christian community focused