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Dear Cairn, First of all, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for the long nights of homework where I learned that procrastination really doesn’t pay off, the late nights with friends that proved time is irrelevant when you’re having fun, the chapels where I cried, the chapels where

Dr. Dick (Richard) Emmons was born November 13, 1943, on a dairy farm in New Jersey.  His family included his parents and two brothers, along with his uncle’s family and their farm across the street.  One of the most popular pastimes he remembers as a kid was playing baseball with

The best professor, in my opinion, is my Church History professor, Anthony Daved Schmidt!!! He was also my professor last semester for World History Since 1600s. Professor Schmidt was extremely organized and well versed in the subject matter. He clearly spent a lot of time in preparation, as his Power

Lately I have been doubting the worth of my relationship with God. Let’s be real here; we all have periods of doubt where we question whether or our faith in Jesus Christ is really worth all of the struggles that accompany that confession of faith.   Because of this doubt,

Dear Cairn, I am currently sitting in the oldest coffee house in England (although the café across the street would beg to differ; apparently this coffee grudge-match has been going on since 1654), drinking a latte made with Turkish espresso and eating breakfast. Which, in the traditional British manner, includes

Disclaimer: No matter how much I write or how detailed my descriptions, this article will in no way fully do justice to my amazing experience in Hungary.   At the end of February, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to travel with a group from Cairn to Siófok,

As the semester nears its halfway point and the weather begins to crawl upwards of a constant 40 degrees or less, the words “spring break” evolve from whispers of a distant future to full-fledged conversation. The unofficial halfway point of the semester is, for me at least, a time for

To be a student in the Urban Ministry First Year Program is probably one of the best things to have happened to me. After just leaving high school with a wandering mind and passion to get out there and be involved in this world, I had ambitions and goals set

Hearing “You’re Plummer’s kid?!” when I first got to Cairn University soon became an everyday thing. Students and staff are normally shocked and happy when they find out that I’m Dr. Plummer’s son. I get so many questions ranging from, “Does Dr. Plummer use big words a lot when he

“Hey Amanda, I just registered for classes next semester, and one of my professors is a Mrs. Kloth. Is she…” “Yeah, she’s my mom.”   For me, growing up as an only child meant that in many ways, my mom was my best friend. In elementary school, a day off