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Freshman Class, I love you. Sorry, was that weird?  Too forward?  Let me start again: You’ve had a lot of advice thrown at you in the past few weeks.  Don’t use a tray.  Don’t wear your lanyard.  Don’t fall in love.  Don’t call your parents every night.  And this advice

Being a commuter myself, I compiled a list of struggles that my commuter friends and I face on a daily basis. As we begin the start of a new semester, old habits begin to settle in again and pet peeves begin to irritate. In other words, the struggle of commuting

Throughout the course of my college career, I have been able to experience two completely distinct experiences, but oddly, for the sake of this article, they will be intertwined. First being the constant shift of people as they enter and leave Cairn, and the second being getting hooked on Doctor Who.  Seemingly unrelated,

“This year is going to be amazing.” This is the optimistic perspective of Kristen Caster, a sophomore level English major and Heritage Hall R.A. After spending her freshman year learning and growing in experience, she now is ready to take on this semester with full energy. Despite the full, eighteen

Dr. Minto Shares her Tips and Tricks For a Good Semester! In an exclusive interview, Vice Provost Dr. Jean Minto gave the following excellent advice for incoming and returning students. With 24 years of teaching at Cairn University, Dr. Minto has observed some useful ways to get the semester going

Written in an unspoken imaginary book are guidelines that set freshmen apart from upperclassmen at Cairn. Every year without fail, there are certain characteristics about “baby cairns” (that’s my favorite terminology for freshmen here) that everyone just tends to follow. If you want to make it obvious that you are

As Cairn University transforms from empty dorms and quiet walkways into a bustling environment of activity, new and returning students find themselves thinking over the possibilities of a brand new semester. When planners spill over with homework assignments and campus activities flourish, many students wonder how they can get their

Dear Freshmen who attend a Christian college, I am writing this in order to help you prevent the mistakes that I made my first semester of freshman year. My thoughts will be even more applicable if you come from a public school background. Regardless, it is good to be aware of

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Cairn’s ‘13-’14 Israel and Archaeology FYP cohort.  We went to Israel as part of our studies, a sort of reward for and culmination of what we’d been learning all year. Now, with experiences as intense as the FYPs, honest reviews are

has been teaching me that I lack severely and need Him desperately. It sounds very difficult to come to a conclusion like this; that I am not enough, and that I need God for every aspect of my life, but I am learning that this is one of the most