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My knees are calloused, and my shoulders tense. Four missed calls, eight voicemails. (Not as many as You though) One migraine, two broken hearts, three unpaid bills five dimes, six forgotten, seven not known… no hope. Call me hunchback; maybe it’s my posture or maybe You don’t care, but the

Do not fear, He is with you. He loves you And He holds you, And He keeps you safe.   He will never forsake you, Or allow you to stray, The world without Him, Would be a very dangerous place. There’s no where you can hide, Without Him seeing your

My weary head I lay down to sleep In our wood paneled second floor. The house is full and silently sweet, Full of precious family awake no more. I lay my head on my star-cased pillow; It is soft and giving. My mind rests in mid air, Turning thoughts over

This poem is about running. “Run released”–––released from every hindrance–––was our Cairn Cross Country motto last year, and running is too demanding a sport to be without purpose. Hence the title. It is often quickly assumed that running requires talent but this assumption misses something crucial: you can succeed personally

In His arms is where we’ll be, Once we cross that river, Nothing more will we ever need. If only the world could see, He deserves our praise forever, In His arms is where we’ll be. He has already paid our fee, No more will we ever suffer, Nothing more

The LORD is my Cairn; I shall not be moved. He makes me lie down in soft dorm beds. He leads me beside still ponds. He restores my grade. He guides me down a different path For his name’s sake.   Even though I walk through dark halls Toward final

Jesus, Our Savior and Friend Bloody on the Cross Thinking of us while saying it’s finished Messiah, Lover and King Love higher than the sky Deeper than the ocean Digs us out of an endless hole saying it’s finished while dying on a pole His heart poured out for the

When was the last time you had a bad day? Did you pretend that everything was okay? Were you wearing a happy mask, Hoping someone cared enough to just ask? Some people never seem to have a hard time, And appear to always be in their prime. In reality they