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Eating in the Cafeteria – As Told by GIFs

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Whether you’re a resident or a commuter, you have eaten in the cafeteria at least once. Chances are, that one time left a strong impression on you. Here are the most common impressions left upon the student body as we experience years of cafeteria food.

(For those of you, like me, who are a senior resident, that means we eat this food 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 14 weeks a semester, for 8 semesters. We are the pros.)

Trying to find the decent makings for a salad that isn’t entirely gross

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Why are my salad pieces soggy?…



When you think a dish looks good, but then you take a bite

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You either never need to touch the salt shaker or you have to use that thing mercilessly.



When the cafeteria puts out an AMAZING dish, but the person in front of you takes the last piece

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That cheesecake was going to be the highlight of my day and you’ve ruined it!


#thestruggle of eating at the cafeteria and then being hungry twenty minutes later

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Me: “Man, I’m so hungry!”  Roommate: “But you just ate!”   Me: “I KNOW!!”



When someone walks into the cafeteria to eat for the first time after living off of home-cooked meals for their entire life

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This also applies to students returning from break, especially after holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. R.I.P. tastebuds.



Walking up to the cafeteria on a fish day

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It’s either the cafeteria’s food or the trees around Manor.



And you can’t go out to eat, because ain’t nobody got money for that!

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Admit it, every time you go out to eat, your wallet cries.


Then there’s the one thing that is ALWAYS being served

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Au gratin, mashed, or just chillin’ like a villain.



When the cafeteria serves absolute chocolate heaven and your friend wants a bite

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Don’t you even think about getting your fork close to my dessert.



But then walking up to the dessert bar the next day…

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Why are you only giving us raisin cookies and gross fruit??

But, as much as we complain and harsh on the cafeteria, there are days when we are all like this

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The days when you actually NEED the newbie tray but still can’t bring yourself to use one.



…and for the other days, there’s always the cafe’

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Bonus points if you get the sandwich that’s named after your residence hall.



Just be careful. Your food may be used as a weapon for your class

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R.I.P. Alan Rickman

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