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Enactus End-of-Year RIDE Reflection

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Cairn Enactus has conducted RIDE (Résumé, Interview, Dress, Etiquette) seminars and mock interviews on campus for 16 years, but this year was the best.  On February 11, RIDE began with a seminar on how to conduct a job search. On February 24, RIDE mock interviews were held with over 100 students and 50 professionals, which included senior business leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators. They volunteered their time and expertise to help improve the interviewing skills of our students.  Students were provided feedback from each of their three interviews. Many remarked how beneficial these events were in helping our students gain confidence and be best prepared for the “real thing.” Following the interviews, there was a networking luncheon, with excellent results: at least 5 students were offered jobs on the spot. Candyce Holliday stated that “RIDE proved to be far more beneficial than I imagined. The feedback from the interviewers provided me with the confidence and preparation needed to begin my career in the business field. In fact, I was even connected with a potential position in a company I am extremely interested in!” We’re thankful for all who were involved and for those who weren’t, we’ll see you next year.

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