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GoodStuff Thrift Store Review

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Place: GoodStuff Thrift Store

Address: 543 Lincoln Highway (Rt. 1) Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Distance from Cairn?: 10 minutes (6.8 miles)

Cost?: It’s a thrift store, so very cheap.

How do I get there?: Make a left out of Cairn; go left at the light by the BP gas station; head straight for about 5-7 minutes until you see it on your left!


Looking for new clothes at an affordable, college-kid price? A ridiculous Halloween costume? A new book to read priced outside of the Barnes and Noble price? Or even a new DVD for your collection? Check out the local thrift store, GoodStuff!

GoodStuff is located straight down Lincoln Highway, or for those of us who may be directionally challenged, the road that has all the stores and restaurants on it. As you head down Lincoln Highway, past Redners, past Buffalo Wild Wings, and past IHOP, you come upon this rather large, rather green building housed across the street from yet another shopping center. This lime-green building is home to hundreds of books, thousands of inexpensive clothing, beautiful jewelry, two dollar movies, and plenty of furniture and home decor.

As a senior, I have made many trips to GoodStuff. I’ve often frequented the location with book-buying in mind, but have also found pieces of decor to place in my dorm room and new dresses to wear during the school year.

One of the great things about GoodStuff is their discounts on already discounted merchandise. Depending on the color tag the item displays, you can receive an additional percentage off of the item’s marked price; it’s safe to say that shopping at GoodStuff is very affordable while maintaining a college-kid’s budget.

Thrift store shopping may often be viewed as a girl’s past time . . . so what’s in it for guys? On a visit with my brother last year, he was able to buy several vintage sports hats, ones he keeps in his room on display. Has the tank top you wear when you workout seen better days, or even, lived a life without sweat stains? Get a replacement at GoodStuff for the fraction of the price you would pay at Walmart or Kohl’s.

And yet, perhaps the greatest thing about GoodStuff has yet to be said. GoodStuff is a “Christian thrift store.” Its mission statement available online states its goal is to support the poor, widows, and orphans through the donation of proceeds and items to several notable charities, such as Bethany Christian Services, Christ Home for Children, Hunting Park Christian Academy, and Choice One.

When you visit GoodStuff, you’re actually contributing to a larger cause. In 2016, GoodStuff donated $200,000 dollars to the above charities, contributed over 600,000 books to children in need, and even sent textbooks to those in prisons and jails.

Taking a visit to GoodStuff at least once as a Cairn student should be on your ‘to-do’ list. With the store being so close by and absolutely affordable, it’s worth your while. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find some “good stuff” there . . .

Check out some of the average pricing below!

Books: softcover $1, hardcover $2

DVDS: all $2

Clothing: anywhere from roughly $2 and up

Jewelry: anywhere from roughly $2 and up

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