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Correct me if I’m wrong, but this may be, in fact, one of the first in several years that the seniors are sharing a roof with the freshmen. With the selling of Penndel, upperclassmen are now condensed to the living quarters of Heritage Hall and Manor Residence. Gone are the days of apartment living, complemented by kitchens, living rooms, and spaces specifically geared toward upperclassmen. Instead, juniors and seniors find themselves walking through the Great Room, or shuffling up the steps of Manor, passing faces fresh out of high school, and instructing new students on how to use the washer machines.


But honestly? That’s okay.


So this switch is not an ideal situation for many (if not all . . .) of the upperclassmen, in addition to many of the other faculty and staff involved in the change; but in all sincerity, this switch in resident sites is beneficial. How could this be beneficial, you may ask, as you pound on the door of the freshmen next door, asking them to turn down their music at 12:30am? Because of this interruption in our plans, although presenting challenges, God has actually incorporated into our junior and senior years as an opportunity for growth.


Growth in patience, in endurance, in strength. But in reality, let’s not be too dramatic or doomsday-minded—we are infinitely blessed to attend this Christian college, complete with wonderful amenities and non-community bathrooms. I refuse to maintain an entitled mindset that believes it deserves an apartment complex separate from all students under the age of 20.


As a previous Penndelian, I was very grateful for the apartment layout, block parties, and separate spaces. But as a once-again Heritage-ite, I have to keep in mind the blessings and opportunities God has for me here at Heritage during my senior year.


Instructing freshmen on how to run the washer machine? A blessing to serve. Sitting through hall meetings that I’ve heard more than three times? An opportunity to exercise patience and be reminded of protocol I’m actually not above, no matter how often I sometimes believe I am.


Living in our previous dorm sites with current freshman and sophomores is not a punishment or a setback. These are places we can live comfortably and create a new atmosphere that Cairn hasn’t had the chance to cultivate in several years. It is a place we can model Christian behavior and maturity and hopefully set an example for those looking up to us. We cannot ruin that witness by holding to a belief that we are entitled to more.


Any situation we experience in life can either be looked at through our own perspective or through a God-oriented perspective—including where we live out our junior and senior years of college. So instead of griping and grumbling about what we “deserve,” or what’s “fair,” look to see this “interruption” as an opportunity to grow in fellowship, patience, and holiness.


So I admonish you, juniors and seniors in Heritage and Manor, to live not for yourself, but for God, and to complete the good works He has laid out for you to complete outside of the Penndel lifestyle.

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