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Hoedown Showdown

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Picture Credit: Danielle Heron

It was a chilly night at the annual hoedown, yet somehow amidst all the fun we all got a little sweaty. For freshmen and seniors alike, there was a mutual sense of laid-back fun out in A-Lot Friday night. (If you’re a commuter, you might have been slightly disgruntled that you had to park in Lot J behind the BLC, but you’re okay now because there was apple cider.)

From the twinkle lights to the fire pits, the space gave a very warm feeling. It was also impressive to see the creativity of my fellow classmates through the pumpkin decorating contest. (My most honorable mention would definitely go to “Donald Trumpkin”; puns are the way to my heart.) The tent was full of lively students who were energized from fall break and ready to engage with everything but their homework. Many people enjoyed friendly conversation around the fires or group games, but square dancing in the tent was definitely  the most popular option.

We’re just your typical college students that think they can square dance because they’re wearing flannel.

Picture Credit: Danielle Heron

I quickly realized that I couldn’t square dance if my life depended on it (lefts and rights…well they’re all the same to me), yet I could not hide the smile that beamed from my face all night. I laughed so hard as I watched my friends try to pull all the steps off just right. I laughed even harder watching some not try at all to do the steps,  but flailing their arms and legs in some sort of rain dance. Although we go to the square dance with our friends, we meet new people as well throughout the night.

I danced with people I didn’t even know. Not just talked to them, but danced with them.

And somehow it was all okay.

Picture Credit: Danielle Heron

Because during all of those promenades and left-some things with my corner, I realized something that I appreciate so much about our campus. I may not have known that person when I pinkie-swinged with them, but I know them now. On a large campus, you could doseedoe with 7 different people and never see them until they walk across the stage at graduation.

But on our little campus, you make friends and build relationships. You cannot dance with someone and then forget their face. That person is now someone you know, someone you’ll probably have classes with next semester.

Suddenly, dancing isn’t quite as awkward; these people are not just classmates, but friends.

So while we are college students that think we can square dance because we are wearing flannel, we for sure aren’t typical. Typical would mean that we’re disconnected and stay to our own little groups on campus.

And well, Cairn walks a different path (promenades a different path, if you will).

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