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How to Survive Snowmaggedon

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Having just survived Snowmageddon (winter storm Jonas), 2016 promises to deliver on all the prayers of snow we sent up during December. Here are some handy tips to staying warm during your treks from residence halls to class, MAC to dorm, or even just when you go outside to have fun.

  1. Layer up
Picture Credit: Pinterest
Picture Credit: Pinterest

This is one of the best things that you can do when it comes to staying warm while going outdoors. Leggings underneath regular jeans work miracles, and underarmor shirts worn underneath regular long-sleeved shirts will really help keep in body heat. It’s also a great idea to layer socks as well.

2. Reusable Handwarmers

Instead of constantly buying handwarmers that you have to throw away and re-stock on, invest in some Reusable handwarmers, which can be recharged by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes (water that can easily be gained from a coffee-maker or other hot-water-making device). It’s an inexpensive and green way of keeping your hands (or feet, or anything else) warm when you’re outside.

3. Consume Hot Liquids

Whether it’s soup from the cafeteria, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or hot cider, drinking/eating things that are warm will really help your body temperature stay warm even when you trek out into the snowy cold. This is especially helpful for surviving the trip back from the MAC; just add a cup of soup to your meal and you’ll be warm enough to make it to your dorm or class.

4. Wear a hat

Picture Credit: crazyfunnystupid.com
Picture Credit: crazyfunnystupid.com

Roughly 45% of body heat is lost through your head, so whenever you bundle up to go outside, be sure that you have something to cover your head. Make sure that it covers your ears too, to keep from getting ear aches.

5. Layer Gloves

This deserves its own category, because there is an art to layering gloves that is ever-so-important. If you layer gloves, do thin fingered gloves first, then put on thick water-proof mitten gloves over top. This way, you can pull off the mittens quickly to respond to a text, but your fingers don’t freeze from being completely exposed.

6. Invest in a Winter Coat

Let’s face it, Cairn, your Highlander hoodies aren’t going to keep you warm anymore. Sunday Breakfast Thrift Store is bound to have tons of heavy coats for a really cheap price, so take a friend and make a fun trip out of it. It’s worth it to spend some money on a new winter coat if it will keep the cold at bay during “spring” semester.


These are my favorites, but there are plenty of other ways to stay warm. Comment below with YOUR favorite way to stay warm during the winter!

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