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Is there a better time than N.O.W?

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A room full of young adults, ranging from freshmen to seniors, all gathered together for one common purpose: to worship God. Taking time not only to sing in a collective group, but also to read from His word and pray for one another.

If this type of environment interests you, then you might want to consider attending the Night of Worship (N.O.W is the street name).

Every other Tuesday night, students from around campus come together to worship the King. Putting down their pencils and closing their laptops, students recently went on this event’s maiden voyage to take a break from the weight of the semester and refocus their hearts.

The night left students feeling refreshed and ready to start yet another week. After having a case of Monday blues, this Tuesday night worship is just what you need for a midweek pick-me-up. The time was spent on a string of songs and Bible readings that encompassed the theme of the night: devotion to Christ and the daily walk we have with Him.

Not only was this a time to worship God, but a time to talk with Him personally. The students that attended this past week participated in an activity in which they prayed for each other’s prayer requests anonymously. They did not know who they were praying for, yet, this unconventional way that they prayed for one another brought a new kind of intimacy. Despite the anonymity, those at the event feel a connection with the others who attended this event.
Warm company, passionate worship, intimate prayer and a whole lot of spiritual growth. Can you think of a better time to do all of this than N.O.W?

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