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Leeward Limited

A New Company Created by Cairn Student

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Leeward Limited is a conglomerate corporation aimed towards providing people with opportunities to express themselves through the arts. This includes offering classes in the arts such as dance, improv, writing, music, theater, graphic design, and painting, as well as lending guidance towards beginning creatives, helping them to get started. Lee Beebe, founder and head visionary of Leeward Limited would like to provide people with the resources necessary for bringing their aesthetic philosophies into reality through education and easily accessible opportunities based on their fields of study.

With the current condition of society, it can be difficult for liberal arts graduates to find work, let alone find work with people who share similar artistic visions and desires to contribute towards a common objective. Leeward Limited has the goal of offering independence to those who wish to work on their own terms and with the people they choose.  

Lee’s mission is to fight the mainstream and unauthentic arts solely focused on marketing and consumerism. His company believes that through cultivating a society devoted to quality aesthetic principles, they can change the course of the state of the arts in contemporary society and create a refreshing institution for improving culture.

In his personal life, Lee works tirelessly making music with his band, “New Alone.” Taking inspiration from Pink Floyd and Radiohead, New Alone’s style switches between indie folk pop to punk rock. Experimental in nature, New Alone uses music as a way to direct people’s thoughts inward into a retrospective stasis. Lee claims “Music should be an escape. Not an escape from reality but an escape to a vantage point on reality; a place where reality is viewed from a better perspective”.

Lee has a particular love of U2 and the philosophies of Bono, stating him as the reason why he does what he does musically. Lee called Bono a personal inspiration; his humble nature, open personality, willingness to accept new ideas, and spiritualistic aesthetic values make him a role model for musicians everywhere. Lee would like to transfer the humble spiritualism of U2 into his company, making Leeward Limited more than an industry, but a community where connection and friendship are valued more than profit.    

Leeward Limited is a unique retreat from the contemporary music industry and aims at sponsoring a collaborative environment in where people of all circumstances grow and learn together.                


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