Apathy. It’s the worst possible thing that can attack the Christian heart, and with just eighteen days left in the semester, it is a disease that has infected the Cairn community. It spreads from person to person, pervading deep into the heart and mind. We suddenly find ourselves not caring

Among the Christian community, there are varying opinions about the importance of missions. There are those who claim that every Christian is a missionary by nature in their own context, and therefore they do not need to travel to fulfill their calling. There are others who think that missions is

Recently I have been e-mailing some of my favorite contemporary intellectuals within the body of Christ in hopes of interviewing them, making a connection and showing my appreciation. The first man on my list was Dr. Gregory Boyd, who has played an integral part in my spiritual and theological formation.

There I was, standing on the hill next to the MAC looking back at the field where I had spent so much time. As a senior on the soccer team, my four years as a Highlander was getting close to its end. We had just beaten Rosemont College in our

    At Homecoming last month I’d had a chat with one of The Scroll’s reporters, Rachel Krodel, and later received an invitation from editor Jess Schnittjer to consider contributing something to The Scroll – over four decades after my last Scroll assignment.  Frankly, I’m unsure that many would be interested, but

Cairn’s SPA pulled off another wonderful coffee house and open mic night, after the successful turnout at the “New Season”  event in September. The room was warm and students occupied every square foot of space in the room. It’s funny. I thought the spirit of this “taste of home” coffeehouse

As many Cairn University sports teams finish up the season, we reflect upon the past few months of glory, tears, trials and triumphs. Cairn University rejoices with the Cross Country Men’s Team for defending their title of CSAC (Colonial States Athletic Conference) champions for the second year in a row,

I am not Dr. Schnittjer’s daughter. Well, I mean, technically I am. He is my father. But I try to avoid being labeled as such because it puts me right inside of a pre-labeled box with little chance of escape. Let me explain. I promise you, not a day passes

My knees are calloused, and my shoulders tense. Four missed calls, eight voicemails. (Not as many as You though) One migraine, two broken hearts, three unpaid bills five dimes, six forgotten, seven not known… no hope. Call me hunchback; maybe it’s my posture or maybe You don’t care, but the

Each semester, securely in its place on the chapel schedule is the ever-constant Men and Women’s Chapel. While this gender-segregated chapel has caused quite a bit of controversy over the years, students embrace the chance to tell The Scroll their feelings about this gender-specific chapel. Overall, the male students interviewed greatly