This past Wednesday evening I had the privilege of attending Deion Payton’s Senior Presentation, “From Pain to Praise!” This performance featured music from composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Faure, and included a 30-voice Gospel Choir, as well as some of Deion’s original compositions. Music has always been a major

“Look at your eyes; they’re small in size, but they see enormous things” Hosea is a book of the Bible that baffles me. Genesis 16 is a story that makes me see Jesus in the realest way I have ever seen him. Psalm 51 tells me that it’ll all be

On Tuesday, October 31, Cairn Men’s Soccer lost in the CSAC quarterfinals to Centenary University, 4-2.  Now, while many will look at this without more than a blink of an eye, there is a lot more to this historic matchup. The most noteworthy aspect of the game was it was

Place: Pretty Bird Coffee Roasters Address: 7 S. Main St. Yardley, PA 19067 Distance from Cairn: 15 minutes (10 mi) Cost:  $1.50 – $8 for a drink. Hours: Open every day 7am – 6pm. How to get there: Go right out of Cairn, merge onto Rt. 1, exit to 95
Dr. James Dolezal

This past week I decided to sit down with one of our very own Divinity Professors here at Cairn University, Dr. James Dolezal. In this interview, Dr. Dolezal was able to provide a Professor’s perspective on the study of theology, and also provide students with ways in which they can

Winter is right around the corner, and that means basketball is primed and ready to get back into full swing. With several teams looking to build off of successful seasons last year, the CSAC will be up for grabs and several teams will have a shot to take the crown

I’m sorry, where did October go? It was right here, in the heading of my paper, yesterday. With November upon us, as well as random 70 degree days, it’s been hard to swallow holiday commercials and Christmas decor lining the aisles in local stores. For the college student, November isn’t
Scary Close Book Cover

Scary Close. Donald Miller. 226 pgs. Nelson Books. Matt Trotman Business Administration, Spring ’18 28 October 2017 Scary Close was the best book that I read this past summer, and I hope you all get the chance to read it too! In this book, Donald Miller gets to the heart

The Connie Eastburn Gallery currently hosts a masterful collection by Mark Potter, Bone of my Bones: Wood Sculptures Celebrating the Meaning and Mystery of Marriage. The exhibit consists of forty pieces, each elegantly carved and depicting an aspect of marriage. There is deep imagery in each carving. Placards accompany each

The Book Thief. Markus Zusak. 552 pp. Alfred A. Knopf, 2007. Rachel Ishak Social Work, Fall ‘2017 11 October 2017.   Liesel Meminger, a young German girl, is sent to live with foster parents Rosa and Hans in Nazi Germany. While settling into her foster home, Hans teaches Liesel to