As we go about daily life, we check off our “to-do” list, compete for first place, pursue unique dreams, and rush so we won’t be late to class. Why do we do these things? Perhaps you have never considered the deep values that underlie these outward actions – values that

Coffee and chocolate: two of the most wonderful words a college student – or anyone, for that matter – could possibly hear. The mere thought of these two treats can bring smiles to most faces. For many people, chocolate evokes memories of Valentine’s Day, Halloween trick-or-treating, and cold winter days

When was the last time you had a bad day? Did you pretend that everything was okay? Were you wearing a happy mask, Hoping someone cared enough to just ask? Some people never seem to have a hard time, And appear to always be in their prime. In reality they

aleb Basile: I have been on the cross country team for two years now. I originally joined just because my brother, Matt, nearly “forced” me to run with him, so I decided I would join the team for one year. I wanted to quit a couple times in the first

hrystal Keating grew up in the Bucks County area and attended Messiah College for a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She also had the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University growing her love of travel and other cultures. While at Messiah, Chrystal was very involved in residence life