As summer fades away, the leaves start to change colors and there’s a light nip in the air.  Fall is officially upon us, and here are a few ways to embrace the pumpkin flavors and cool weather before winter brings its ice and snow: Delicious Drinks: The August 17th edition of People

At 9:30pm on Wednesday, September 16th, a group of Cairn students gathered around the spirit rock by the flagpole. In memory of Katrina Weston, the students spray-painted the rock with the blue ribbon of colon cancer and a pair of wings while recounting memories and saying prayers. Diagnosed in early

Fall break steadily approaches, but with it comes the ever-dreaded midterms. Mid-semester projects, tests and papers start sneaking up on the student body, poking and prodding students to late night studying, endless coffee cups and binging Netflix TV shows. With professors reminding us about upcoming tests, papers and even projects

Freshman Class, I love you. Sorry, was that weird?  Too forward?  Let me start again: You’ve had a lot of advice thrown at you in the past few weeks.  Don’t use a tray.  Don’t wear your lanyard.  Don’t fall in love.  Don’t call your parents every night.  And this advice

As the men’s soccer team prepares for the upcoming Homecoming game, Assistant Coach Tim Ebersole reflected with us on how the Fall 2015 semester is going. Due to Scott Fogarty’s departure as head coach, current coach Luke Gibson (who started the position last year) has carefully and actively recruited new

A room full of young adults, ranging from freshmen to seniors, all gathered together for one common purpose: to worship God. Taking time not only to sing in a collective group, but also to read from His word and pray for one another. If this type of environment interests you,

With the fall semester underway, Cairn’s women’s tennis team gained some brand new players this season! According to Assistant Coach Tara Munro, there are two returning students who have never played tennis before, along with three freshmen joining the team. One of the new players, Penndel RA Ricki White, was

In the search for your ideal Christian college, you may meet those who are opposed to higher education, especially one with a religious affiliation. If you’re unsure of how to respond to their objections, check out Cairn professor Jonathan Master’s article “On God and Education,” originally published by The Curator.

Being a commuter myself, I compiled a list of struggles that my commuter friends and I face on a daily basis. As we begin the start of a new semester, old habits begin to settle in again and pet peeves begin to irritate. In other words, the struggle of commuting

Throughout the course of my college career, I have been able to experience two completely distinct experiences, but oddly, for the sake of this article, they will be intertwined. First being the constant shift of people as they enter and leave Cairn, and the second being getting hooked on Doctor Who.  Seemingly unrelated,