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As we reach the end of December, Resident Life is just as excited as our students to end this semester on a good note. From football parties and spa nights to the collaborating with Student Programs to create the Highlander Games, Resident Life has been working extremely hard to enhance the student experience beyond academics and final exams.


Picture Credit: Cairn University Student Life

Specifically at Penndel, we’ve been on a mission to enhance the vibe and culture that Penndel has been known for. At the beginning of the year, our RA team met to discuss the challenges of Penndel as a residence site and how our team could turn that around. Our goal rested on making each individual student feel important and heard. Wish a push toward positive community, we started off the semester with a block party originally designed to incorporate the old Philadelphia neighborhood feel. Even though the weather prevented the outdoor aspect of the event, we joined both Manor Residence Halls and Heritage Hall for a combined kickoff event. Halfway through the semester, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) brought Penndel their very own Fall Fest. Held right in the parking lot of the apartments, 70 plus residents came out to enjoy Calm Waters coffee, pumpkin chucking, corn hole and scarecrow contests. With a great turn out and sparklers to end the night, we called that a win.


Even though the journey isn’t always filled with enjoyment and laughter, we have found that students ultimately want to be a part of something bigger than themselves: a community made up of others with the same goals and interests. A built-in community like the Penndel apartments allows for common experience and the ultimate realization that you are not alone in your struggles or celebrations. With that as our foundation, we, as a team, desire to facilitate a safe space for students to experience life together in the residence halls.


Picture Credit: Cairn University Student Life
Picture Credit: Cairn University Student Life

But, that also takes some action on the part of the student. In order for Res Life to do our jobs and do them well, we need you! You are the key factor in all that we do and how we walk through the day to day operations of Student Life. When it comes down to it, the RAs and RDs continue to do what we do because we care for Cairn’s students. We have the unique ability to be on the ground floor, living and learning with students day in and day out. Through programs and dialogues, RAs build their semesters around how to serve students in the best possible way. With all of this intentionally on the Res Life end, there remains a call for the students to step out and let themselves be known and invested in. As a part of the Cairn community, Res Life exists to serve the student and enhance the overall Christian college experience.
As for next semester, the Penndel RAs are hopeful that with one semester underway, the depth of relationships and conversations will naturally make their way into the houses and apartments filled with students we’ve grown to love. Although we’re far from perfect, we walk into the spring semester with prayerful hearts and open minds to where God is leading us. As for the residents of Penndel, our shared desire to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, growing, and the overall idea of doing life together remains a focus. With that, we wish you a great Christmas break and encourage you to join our vision as we step into a new season of life in the spring.

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  1. Caleb Bishop
    January 17, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Cool thanks for your missions update! I appreciate and thank you for publicly expressing your desires through the scroll! As in any relationships, relationship grow through open, honest, and deepen conversations about wants and desires. May you continue to make a vision that is so large that we will join in and forget ourselves. A vision that creates those shared interests and unified goals.

    Thank you for creating the vision for a safe place where we can experience life together with struggles and celebration. Blessings:)