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Pretty Bird Coffee Roasters Review

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Place: Pretty Bird Coffee Roasters

Address: 7 S. Main St. Yardley, PA 19067

Distance from Cairn: 15 minutes (10 mi)

Cost:  $1.50 – $8 for a drink.

Hours: Open every day 7am – 6pm.

How to get there: Go right out of Cairn, merge onto Rt. 1, exit to 95 N. Take exit 51 toward New Hope, and turn right. Continue straight and Pretty Bird is on the right just after you enter Yardley.

If you’ve been wanting to leave the bustle of campus behind and find a spot where the community gathers, Pretty Bird Coffee Roasters is the place to go! The café is an easy 15-minute drive from campus in the heart of Yardley. It offers a lovely blend of modern and elegant. With marble-topped tables, sleek wooden walls, and upbeat music, it attracts quite a crowd of morning coffee seekers. Despite the sometimes busy pace, the house maintains an attractive and comfortable atmosphere. And once the morning rush for coffee ends, the place becomes more cozy and relaxed.


The skilled staff make drinks and sandwiches with ease and offer friendly smiles. They keep up with the line quite well, with only a 10-minute wait in the middle of the morning rush. They offer a well-varied drink selection, from seasonal lattes to all the original favorites. A house coffee, depending on size, is only $1.50 – $2.50. Latte’s run around $4 and their specialty drinks range from $4 – $7, depending on the drink and size. Their sizes do run a bit small, so a medium or large would be necessary for several hours of studying or conversation.


In addition to their drink menu, their built-to-order breakfast or brunch sandwiches are delicious. You pick your bread, meat, egg, veggies, cheese, and they put it all together in a hot and fresh tasting treat. The price runs a tad high, at $7 for a small breakfast sandwich, but if you have the cash to spare, it makes for a good mini meal.

Though small, the café recommends itself to studying. If you like to study in quiet, the prime time to visit would be a weekday afternoon. If, however, you enjoy the background noise, you have more freedom of when you’d like to visit. Keep in mind, Saturday’s especially are busy and there is limited seating, so if you visit then you might have to wait a little while for a free seat. Off-street parking spaces are also few, and it can be difficult to find a spot during the morning rush.

And what if you like coffee but don’t want to drive there just to grab and go? There’s a pleasant and mini park behind the café perfect for studying outdoors. You can just as easily grab your coffee and donut and settle down under a tree or commandeer a bench for the afternoon. Or wander around the shops at Yardley for a fun afternoon with friends.

Pretty Bird is a unique, multi-purpose space perfectly suited for when the “campus is claustrophobic and I need to explore” urge strikes.

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