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RJS Fit Review

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Tucked into the Crossroads Plaza of Richboro is a new fitness center, RJS Fit.

RJS is a new business owned by Cairn alum Kate Mikhailov ’00/G’08.  After many years of corporate job as an HR Director in a large pharmaceutical company,  Kate decided to pursue her dream of helping people become strong and healthy.

RJS is an acronym representing the gym’s three key offerings: Ride (indoor cycling bikes), Jump (mini-trampolines), and Sweat (included with every workout!). They also offer other classes like Pilates or Salsation (Zumba-like killer workout that is Latin dance based).

RIDE is a spin cycling class that uses computer animation to further your experience. As you pedal on the stationary bike, your avatar on the projection screen bikes through mountainscapes as fast as you do. Your avatar bikes these trails alongside the rest of those in your class, giving you the opportunity to see whether or not you can keep up with the group. The 50-minute class session is led by an instructor who coaches and encourages you to keep going until the trek is completed.

JUMP is a completely innovative trampoline class. This is the class that I had the opportunity to participate in. I would say “sit in on,” but to say that I sat at all would be completely misleading. This class did not stop from the moment it began. The class is spent jumping, dancing, and ab-workouting on a personal trampoline. This 50-minute session works your core, legs, and arms at the point when weights are introduced. I rarely work out, so I imagine the class is easier for those who do, but even I could keep up with the majority of the jumps and the pace. The class is a series of exercise-infused dances set to music, leaving you to think for just a moment that you’re not actually working out. The room is dark and full of club-like lighting to give a more relaxed and fun environment to dance in. Imagine Zumba on a trampoline.

SWEAT is what you’ll be doing no matter what course you take, but there is a course specifically promising to make your brow glisten.  RJS three offerings under the strength umbrella are Circuit, TRX and Sweat Zone classes. All three are designed “to torch calories during a full body, sweat-fest workout, combining a variety of fitness equipment like trampolines, hand weights, and TRX suspension training.” This is a hard-core class that intends to make your core hard. 

So now that you want to go and take a few classes, let me tell you how little you can spend on classes. WELL, it is first important to inform you that your first class is FREE. Additionally as a Cairn student, you can buy a 3-pack of classes for only $36, or only spend $15 on a drop-in class (compared to typical $22 rate). This is a renewable offer, meaning that you can buy the discount 3-pack as many times as you wish.

RJS regular pricing options include class packs (5, 10, 15 or 20 classes which can be used for any class and don’t expire for 6 months) or memberships ($99 for 8 times a month and $129 for unlimited classes.  $29 trial gives you one week of unlimited classes. Cairn faculty/staff or alumni can receive 10% off of any pricing option.

After my experience there, I can say I am more-than-tempted to go back. Kate has found a way to make working out fun in more than one way. RJS Fit is the perfect, local place to not only work out but support a Cairn graduate.

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