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Playing on a team is one thing, but coaching that team merely a year later is something entirely different. Here at Cairn, several students have transitioned from student-athlete to faculty member; some have made the switch in this past year. Amie Eppolito, a recent Cairn graduate and current assistant coach

Last [summer] I had the opportunity to spend the week with 175 middle and high school students from Mosaic Church. It’s not something I would usually do. Was it worth my time? I don’t have a particular calling to students and I have no unique gifting with teenagers. But when our

A school paper, including The Scroll in its current format has a good chance of generating valuable campus conversation. That was the plan when, in 1961, Bill Freeland and I launched something we called “The Scroll.” Bill was two years older than me and was determined to pursue a career

    At Homecoming last month I’d had a chat with one of The Scroll’s reporters, Rachel Krodel, and later received an invitation from editor Jess Schnittjer to consider contributing something to The Scroll – over four decades after my last Scroll assignment.  Frankly, I’m unsure that many would be interested, but