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Penndel bowling alley

Place:  Penndel Bowling Center Address: 449 W Lincoln Hwy, Penndel PA Distance: 2.2 miles Cost: $2 ($1 games and $1 shoe rentals) How do I get there?: Close enough to walk there! Cairn University has many significant attributes:  small classes, biblically-minded professors, meaningful relationships, and delicious food options to name

“When I graduate and go out into the real world…”   I hear this sentence from college students all the time. Throughout our lives, we have been told that life truly starts when we graduate college and get a “real” job.   I don’t like it.   By calling our

The 2016-2017 academic year is drawing to a close: final exams are around the corner, final projects are in full swing, and the last days of classes are in a progressive countdown. Interesting events have taken place this past year in the political/social news, national news, and even changes on our own

My Dear Cairn Students,   Though this is altogether difficult for me to record, and requires me to tap into a source of out-of-character vulnerability, I find myself overflowing with words I wish to share with you. After decades of silence, and in finally mustering the courage, I have decided

Cairn University: population around 1,300. That, readers, is SMALL. Maybe you attended a high school where the total enrollment was 13 students per class. Or maybe you attended a middle school, like myself, whose population was 1,700 students. Regardless, you now attend a small college. And like any school, there

Okay, so we all have our opinions of the cafeteria. There is no pretending here really; everyone figures out by the end of the first week that the food can leave, well, more to be desired.  Sometimes the cafeteria pulls off a quality option, but most times you’re left “eating