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Amy Faust

Amy Faust: a dual-level senior, earning her Master’s degree in education and her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education; a student supervisor for Nexus; a middle school basketball coach for Calvary Christian Academy; a friend, girlfriend, and roommate. Amy Faust does it all—but how does she balance it all? Amy’s balancing

This semester, as many students are returning to their undergraduate classes, a specific handful of students are preparing for their student-teaching placements. These placements range in location, either in private schools, public schools, or even in schools abroad.   Those in the education program have endured several semesters of methods

Disclaimer: No matter how much I write or how detailed my descriptions, this article will in no way fully do justice to my amazing experience in Hungary.   At the end of February, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to travel with a group from Cairn to Siófok,