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Although Cairn is a small campus, there are many places in a reasonable distance that you, as a student, could be taking advantage of. One of those places is the famous Big Apple, otherwise known as New York, New York. If you drive about an hour north of Philadelphia, you

Summer is upon us, Cairn Students!  Just this past weekend, Cairn University students witnessed a plethora of events take place across campus to get them ready for the summer that awaits them.  Students had several options to choose from when it came to indulging in all their summer dreams.  To

Christmas break is one of the most anticipated times of year for a college student. Sleep, seeing family, resting from daily assignments and studying—these are just a few of the activities that grace Christmas break. Yet once Christmas time comes to end, and the new year is well underway, break

What can I say about Starry Night that has not already been said? I love it. I love walking up and down the walkway with my closest friends drinking hot apple cider and eating Christmas cookies. The scavenger hunt was also a really great way to direct how my friends

Seeing your Instagram and Facebook blow up with people apple picking, pumpkin picking, hayriding, and more and not sure where in the world they are going? Here are some places near Cairn where you can take your own cute fall selfies and celebrate surviving midterms. Shady Brook Farms 931 Stony

It was a chilly night at the annual hoedown, yet somehow amidst all the fun we all got a little sweaty. For freshmen and seniors alike, there was a mutual sense of laid-back fun out in A-Lot Friday night. (If you’re a commuter, you might have been slightly disgruntled that

As summer fades away, the leaves start to change colors and there’s a light nip in the air.  Fall is officially upon us, and here are a few ways to embrace the pumpkin flavors and cool weather before winter brings its ice and snow: Delicious Drinks: The August 17th edition of People