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Penndel. Over the years it has become a “rite of passage” for the students here at Cairn University. Penndel has become a place for the upperclassmen to hunker down and get through their placements and student teaching without the frustrations of underclassmen staying up all night For those who live

Word travels fast at Cairn. Whether you’ve recently started a relationship or have recently ended one. Whether you’ve written a funny tweet or have been the most recent person to have had a “corrective conversation” with Dean Sherf, odds are people that you have never met or talked to know

Coulrophobia: the phobia of clowns. I believe my Dad has this. I also believe, after these past few weeks, students, children, parents, teachers, and the like, all now suffer from coulrophobia. Yet from this current clown epidemic, Christ is still central, glorified, and in control, lest we forget. And, as

Coffee and chocolate: two of the most wonderful words a college student – or anyone, for that matter – could possibly hear. The mere thought of these two treats can bring smiles to most faces. For many people, chocolate evokes memories of Valentine’s Day, Halloween trick-or-treating, and cold winter days