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Penndel. Over the years it has become a “rite of passage” for the students here at Cairn University. Penndel has become a place for the upperclassmen to hunker down and get through their placements and student teaching without the frustrations of underclassmen staying up all night For those who live

I think we all know who the ARDs are, even if we don’t recognize them. They’re that person who you know works with the RAs, but you never see them on rounds. They’re that person who is at every RHA event, but seem as if they’re doing everything other than just enjoying

In the weeks preceding the Highlander Games, I constantly stated that Penndel would win. Only part of me believed that was actually possible as I sat through many planning sessions and meetings. As the Assistant Resident Director of Penndel, of course I have pride beyond measure of our abilities and

As we reach the end of December, Resident Life is just as excited as our students to end this semester on a good note. From football parties and spa nights to the collaborating with Student Programs to create the Highlander Games, Resident Life has been working extremely hard to enhance