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Summer is upon us, Cairn Students!  Just this past weekend, Cairn University students witnessed a plethora of events take place across campus to get them ready for the summer that awaits them.  Students had several options to choose from when it came to indulging in all their summer dreams.  To

Despite the pouring rain and dismally gray skies that graced the beginning of our evening, there was nothing that could stop the SPA from pulling off another fantastic gala. Our hair may not have kept the way that we wanted to, and we may have had to cover our beautiful

Penndel. Over the years it has become a “rite of passage” for the students here at Cairn University. Penndel has become a place for the upperclassmen to hunker down and get through their placements and student teaching without the frustrations of underclassmen staying up all night For those who live

What can I say about Starry Night that has not already been said? I love it. I love walking up and down the walkway with my closest friends drinking hot apple cider and eating Christmas cookies. The scavenger hunt was also a really great way to direct how my friends

So Thanksgiving break is almost upon us. I am only two classes away from the joy of turkey, stuffing, and family. Given the anticipation for the season, the Gobble Games event last weekend was perfectly timed to look forward to the joy of Thanksgiving break. Overall, I think it was

It’s been over a week now, and no one’s written anything about the Gala, to the good or the ill. I guess it’s not a bad thing. Silence is the college student’s highest form of praise. If we’re not actively complaining, things are probably okay. But I’d like to break

Two Fridays ago, the event that was Cairn Mingle unfolded before those who were brave enough to come. As you walk in into Chatlos chapel, to your left was two tables full of food and drinks and very festive decorations.  In the far corners were areas for friends and couples

I have to admit, I was skeptical.   Really, really skeptical.   Because what else would epitomize the Cairn experience more than to have an event that blatantly caters to the girls pursuing their M.R.S degrees? [See more about that “degree” in Ring by Spring and “Cairn’s Hookup Culture.“]