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The Emergence of Mid-Term Missions

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Among the Christian community, there are varying opinions about the importance of missions. There are those who claim that every Christian is a missionary by nature in their own context, and therefore they do not need to travel to fulfill their calling. There are others who think that missions is overrated anyway, since the money spent in sending missionaries to the field would be better spent just sent without a person attached to it. And of course there are those who fully support missions in any facet or extent, seeing it as an outpouring of the Lord’s Great Commission.

It is common to wrestle with understanding our role as Christians in the Great Mission of our Lord and how we ought to view our modern interpretation of missions. Selling all of our possessions, forsaking our current lives, and moving overseas full time seems dramatic for many of us, although we deeply admire those who choose to do so. Yet traveling overseas for just a few days or a couple of weeks seems somehow inadequate; there is so much work to be done that requires extended time for deepened relationships. Shouldn’t there be a balanced option for people who can’t dedicate their whole lives overseas spreading the Gospel but still having the opportunity to share in the mission?photo-1444771820225-000ebb5d7ac3

There is a balanced option that accomplishes exactly this purpose, called mid-term missions. It is exactly what it sounds like– an in between of short-term and long-term missions. This provides the perfect amount of time to learn the language, immerse yourself in the culture, and build strong relationships. The typical timespan of mid-term missions is a period of two years, after which you have the option of becoming a full-time missionary or returning home to the states. It’s doable and viable– full support is raised, a job and housing are provided, a team works alongside, and it provides a great opportunity to travel while furthering God’s Kingdom.

The leading organization linked with the mid-term missions movement is GoCorps. In addition to the factors already mentioned that GoCorps provides for “Goers,”gocorps GoCorps even offers to help you pay off your student loans while you are working and serving in a career track of your choice. This ministry is the ideal option for recent college grads who use their degree globally for two years while learning key skills that will benefit their life upon return to the United States. The opportunities GoCorps offers are vast, feasible, and unique, and can (and should) be explored further at gocorps.org.

Consider offering two years of your life to going overseas to participate in Kingdom-work. The experience is unmatchable and life-changing. Pray that the Lord uses mid-term missions alongside of other types of missions to further his Kingdom in amazing ways. Above all, live your life in light of the Gospel and remember that you too are called to be a disciple who makes disciples.

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