Growing up as a kid in Indonesia, I always wanted to visit the United States of America. Although I live close to 10,000 miles away, the US has been in almost every movie and TV show that I grew up watching. While many Americans dream of going to Paris, Rome,

Hello all you bloggers, you Tumblr dreamers and world-builders, you who sometimes prefer books to people, who have a couple characters who annoy you between classes because they want to be more developed. You, who have seen the “Short story writing competition” posters but aren’t sure whether to enter or

Hello, future pilots! I’m glad to have found you honest, hardworking pilots who shall be my young charge’s masters for decades to— Sorry? You say you’re pirates? You say this ship has, quite literally, pirates? Oh my! I suppose my charge must learn how to buckle his swash and steal

If I hadn’t looked it up, I wouldn’t know which party he was from.  Joe Pitts doesn’t talk like a politician.  His voice is little more than a whisper. No grand gestures, no promises.  I don’t know quite what I was expecting when I snuck in, late as always, into

It’s Monday morning. Jill’s phone alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m., but she is already downstairs on the treadmill getting in a 30-minute workout before the work day gets crazy busy. After a quick shower and a protein-packed smoothie with avocado toast, Jill heads to the office just ahead of

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Noah Wilde and Mallory McCollum, who will be starring as Frederick and Mabel in the fast-paced operetta “Pirates of Penzance”—coming to Cairn in March!  When did you first get into acting? Was there anyone who inspired you to act or join

The brutal scent of arctic weather chills the swirling air.  The clatter of a car engine struggling to start makes joyous harmony with the deadening silence of the gathering piles of snow. Running behind your time, tires squealing, you take turns like a caffeined-up Mario Andretti, groaning as you skid

Over the past few months, I have met individuals who tragically lost a significant other. One of these individuals is a man who shared that he recently lost his wife of 24 years. She experienced a slow, painful death due to complications with diabetes. He told me, “Some people tell

Wait, that’s this week?  It can’t be this week. Sweet St. Ambrose it is this week!  Battle stations! Battle stations, man the lifeboats, buy the flowers! Well hello again Cairn university, we find ourselves again at the center of the maelstrom of hormones and excess spending: Valentine’s Day!  How did

Last week, millions of people throughout the world celebrated an important holiday. The Chinese or Lunar new year is a holiday that is widely celebrated in many Asian countries as a start to the Lunar Calendar, usually in January or February. Growing up in a Chinese Indonesian family, the Chinese