Truth cannot proclaim itself, yet proves itself.A lie will always provea Lie.Can we expectother’s blindacceptance? We must declarethe Truth, nothold it in. Our jobis to expose wrong, advocatefor Right, Truthand Justice. Though we cannot judge,we can observeand advise. Advicegiven can be takenor denied, that is not our choice. Our choiceis

If I could fly, if I could weepTo wonder why the soul doth creepOn the sly, not meant to leap…Then I should cry, “life’s fell sweepOf passion and secrets I’ll never know!” If I could soar, and see the end, All life’s lore, then oh, my friendAt the core is

The winter’s fury barely passed me byLight-touched by frost fast-creeping deep withinBehold the ice sharp hatred in his eyesMy legs outrun the wild beasts that grinThe ghosts that prowl this harsh avoided lakeDo scoff and coldly swirl about my headGreat gasps of air my lungs can’t help but takeThe shades

Ah, how much one learns from past years of stress and awkwardness! What, you ask, do I speak of? Prom, of course! You remember: wishing you could invite that girl, wondering if you should go with friends, trying not to stress because prom isn’t nearly as crazy as all the

I am a wandering traveler,Rejected by my people.Exiled by my home,A beast of no nation. I traveled to many lands with their guardian patrons,Lands with great walls and giant bears,Lands with tall towers and lions of water,Lands with cast deserts and tiny oases,Lands with jungles and remnants of war, I

College has always been a breeding ground for stress, sickness, and overwhelming emotion. The quest for hygiene and healthy living styles in cramped, stuffy dorm rooms is difficult, but there are easy ways to combat smelly roommates and increase the health benefits of your dorm room. Now that Spring has

A warming touch, a cold-turned back,A loving heart, a cruel attack;A constant shiftAn ebbing giftOf fire and ice that calls my heart They come and go, like a spring breeze:Love-filled glances given with easeHis capturing smile,That turned so vileTo fire and ice that calls my heart. A burning care, a

Written by Caleb Trezise Another hardship, more suffering,But the grass is greener on the other side.“Weeping may endure for the night,But joy cometh in the morning.” Such Scripture sounds fake whenThe soul is engulfed in self-focused sickness.The blind hope for escape,But they cripple themselves and are enslaved to the painful

Information has always been an important aspect in our daily lives. To spread information, mankind has developed many creative ways of communication. From the days of messengers sent by kings to deliver a message, to Scrolls (the Cairn Scroll?) containing information, to using pigeons, telegrams, telephones, e-mails, text messages. The

Dear Students, the Scroll in recent days has devoted a great deal of its time to opinion pieces and event reporting rather than reporting on campus updates and policy changes.  Hopefully this helpful guide for April will become a staple in the paper for your convenience! Firstly, it is my