All of you have seen this individual on campus, but how well do you know him? I will provide a series of clues, and you can try to guess who this article is about. Here are your clues: He is a father of two girls, Charis and Aletheia (respectively meaning “grace”

As I walk out of the library, head spinning with homework, I decide to take a breather before I head to tonight’s Scroll meeting. My feet trek down the library stairs, through the door to the Highlander Café, up the hallway and out underneath the sky bridge to the Biblical

Okay, so chances are, you know someone who works on campus. It’s a pretty common thing here at Cairn, especially because many of the departments that we have here on campus are run and led by student workers. Student workers have become an integral part of Cairn University and is

Hello everyone, welcome to the first (and hopefully not last) edition of “What’s Up with the World Right Now?” In this series of articles, we’ll be exploring all sorts of current events that are happening in the world right now with me, Audric Radityaputra, as your host! It’s important to

By: Jennica Mendoza A face never seen on beauty’s front page,Yet it still existsA body that fails to catch the lustful eyes of men,Yet it still dances gracefullyA shade of beauty unseen and even demonized,Yet it still radiatesA voice silenced by competing narrativesDivided by polarization and enmity,Yet still kept alive

As I sit at the tiny breakroom table after work, I hear my friend ask me, “What comic book are you reading?” Resisting the urge to say, “This is more than just a comic book! It’s a work of art and literature combined!” I hold up the book, revealing the

Chances are, you know someone who is a part of the LGBT community. Perhaps you are familiar with the difficult balance between loving them and yet not mitigating the truth of God. If you have experienced this, or even if you were simply curious, you were likely refreshed by Dr.

By Jennica Mendoza Have you ever started a new semester with a list of ambitious resolutions, only to forget them after a few days? Maybe your goal was to read the whole Bible throughout the year or stop procrastinating on major projects. When the cares of college life begin and

Ladies and Gentlemen, a moment of your time, please! Do you have your meme templates at the ready? Have you been working on your conspiracy theory boards? Because it’s time to practice our long-honored American tradition to search for truth. This Friday, September 20th, the search comes in the form

Once upon a time, my boyfriend Mitchell and I wanted to go on a date without watching a movie, a very strange concept to the both of us. We asked ourselves, “What do normal people do when they go out?” Parties? Nooo. Restaurant? We wanted this to be a casual