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Ariana Sequino

Ariana Sequino

Ariana studies Social Work and Nonprofit Leadership at Cairn University. She is a lover of Jesus, people, worship, traveling, writing, photography, wild flowers, and holistic health.

Billy Holland

   Have you always lived in the Philadelphia area? No, I grew up on Long Island. It is not too much different from here… LI was a lot more crowded and urbanized. I hate the Eagles, but I like living next to an awesome city such as Philly. There’s a

Although Cairn is a small campus, there are many places in a reasonable distance that you, as a student, could be taking advantage of. One of those places is the famous Big Apple, otherwise known as New York, New York. If you drive about an hour north of Philadelphia, you

This past Wednesday evening I had the privilege of attending Deion Payton’s Senior Presentation, “From Pain to Praise!” This performance featured music from composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Faure, and included a 30-voice Gospel Choir, as well as some of Deion’s original compositions. Music has always been a major
Dr. James Dolezal

This past week I decided to sit down with one of our very own Divinity Professors here at Cairn University, Dr. James Dolezal. In this interview, Dr. Dolezal was able to provide a Professor’s perspective on the study of theology, and also provide students with ways in which they can

After talking with students on campus over the past few weeks, both male and female, I have found that there is an issue not only present on campus but all across our society today. It is an issue, I feel, that as a society, we have been struggling with, and
dancing on museum steps

Last Sunday, I got to experience something new and different. I was a little nervous about it at first, but I decided to go through with it, that is, bachata dancing. I got in the car with two of my best pals, and we drove through Center City until we
Student photo displays in gallery

This past Thursday, September 14th, many students attended “The Gallery,” a Student Photography Exhibition hosted by the Student Visual Arts Society (SVAS) and the Arts & Culture First Year Program students. This was the 5th annual Photo Gallery at Cairn University since being initiated back in 2013.   While at

This past summer was a major season of reflection: a season of looking back on all that was taught in previous years, taking it in, and thanking God for everything that was learned so far. Without a doubt in my mind, each year is another opportunity and chance to allow God to