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From Freshman to Sophomore

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We are almost finished with the school year; can you believe it? In the season of things ending, I was reminded of how this school year began. In doing so, I wanted to take the opportunity to interview one of the freshmen from this year in order to see what she thought of her first year of college. In thinking through my options, I decided to interview Katie Ruitto: all-around sweetheart, student, and soccer player. Within the interview, I learned what she first thought of Cairn, how she managed the start of the school year and the newness of college, some lessons she plans on taking with her into her sophomore year, and several other things. To hear from Katie, continue reading!


What were your expectations of college before you started school at Cairn?

        Before starting at Cairn, the idea of college was both intimidating and exciting. I was nervous about a heavy course load, big papers, and the intensity of college sports. But on the other hand, I was so excited to make new friends, explore a new city, and begin a new chapter of my life.


What were your first impressions of Cairn during the Weekend of Welcome?

        Because of preseason for soccer, I didn’t experience a typical “Weekend of Welcome.” Though my first week on campus was exhausting, it was also a ton of fun. Time spent with my teammates during just that first week created so many memories we still laugh about months later. So I guess my first impressions of Cairn were built off the soccer girls and the way they reflected the extremely welcoming culture of the school. One of the first things I picked up on during preseason was the family atmosphere among the returning players, and I am grateful to have been grafted in.


How did you manage the beginning of classes, soccer practice, and new friends within the first few weeks of school?

        Surprisingly the balancing act of classes, practice, and new friends wasn’t too hard. Granted, I didn’t sleep as much as I should have, but making memories is always worth that sacrifice, right? I guess the juggling act was not very challenging for me because I had grown up already doing it. You just do what you gotta do — if that means doing your homework on the bus on the way to the game because you went bowling the night before, you just get it done. 


What did you think about your first week of college finals?

        My first round of college finals actually went okay! I mean I definitely lived in the library for a few days, but it wasn’t too stressful. I just took everything one day at a time, and it worked out!


What is one of the lessons God has taught you while being at Cairn?

        I think one of the biggest lessons God has taught me while being at Cairn is the need to be intentional. He showed me that I need to be intentional in who I surround myself with, how I spend my time, and getting into His Word. Coming into my second semester, starting my day off reading the Bible drastically changed everything for me. Through those precious moments with God when the world is still quiet (and dark) before the day began, I would feel so much more connected to Him when the business of life picked up a few hours later. Because of this I naturally found myself in conversations about God, joining ministries, and forming deeper friendships with those around me. God reminding me to be intentional in my faith flowed into every other aspect of my life, and I am grateful!


What are some ways you feel prepared for starting school as a sophomore next year?

       Next fall, I feel much more prepared for classes than I did my first semester – I didn’t even bring a notebook for my first set of classes. Coming back as a sophomore will be much easier than last fall because I’ve got the hang of college life and what professors expect. Maybe I’ll be able to help out some incoming freshmen!


As this school year comes to a close, take a minute to reflect, just like Katie did, and think about the ways you thrived, may have stumbled, and all the lessons God has taught you along the way.

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