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7 Essential Tips for Staying Motivated all Semester Long

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Ah, the end of Winter Break is quickly approaching. As the Spring semester closely approaches, there are some things I would like to enlighten you about to stay motivated all semester long (or at least I hope).

Once the semester begins, our motivation level is usually at the top, but as the quarter of the semester hits, our procrastination and lack of motivation seems to kick in. To avoid this, I will be listing a few tips that will hopefully help you to stay motivated during your college experience. Also, these tips and tricks helped me to get A’s in my classes. I hope they are of use for you! A few things that helped me all semester long:


  1. Stay motivated and positive.Art. 97

Yes, there will be times when you just want to give up and wait for the semester to end, but don’t. Stay calm. Just because some weeks will be harder than others, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot have fun or take breaks! Take a break, treat yourself to a coffee break and thank yourself later! Without breaks or enjoyment, our motivation will definitely dissolve into thin air… Also, try to set goals for yourself each day or every few days and give yourself a reward after completion!


  1. Attend every class.

You have probably heard this a thousand times, but try to attend every class! Missing class means missing a lecture. Yes, getting notes from your friend MAY be helpful, but there are essential discussions in class that are important for any assignments or exams in the future. You’ll thank yourself later.


  1. Write notes in class.

Writing notes actually helps you to remember the important discussions in class for future assignments or exams. For instance, you could try using highlighters or colored pens for writing down important dates and important topics discussed in class. This can also help you to stay focused and motivated during those three hour night classes along with a large cup of coffee; we all do it (or at least I do).


  1. Skim/highlight any readings before class.

Reading before class will help you to stay intrigued in class and most importantly, ready to answer questions in class. Highlighting and writing notes in your books can be helpful (although some might disagree); it has significantly helped me to stay focused and interact with the readings. Also, it might not be necessary, but try journaling your thoughts about the readings so in the future you will have already successfully and thoroughly thought through the reading. This is essential for many things, not just for classes. Write down important dates in your class notes, daily planner or calendar (whatever your preference may be). This is important because you can start preparing for that ten page PowerPoint project before anyone else and still have time to edit and make changes.

“If I can do one task or assignment today, then tomorrow I can take a break.”
— Jacqueline Murawski
  1. Take the time to make your future simpler.

My motto for the Fall semester was basically this, “if I can do one task or assignment today, then tomorrow I can take a break.” In other words, use your time wisely. Do something today to make your future bright and thank yourself later. The semester will quickly approach, as it is likely to quickly end. Just stay motivated and do your best. Remember, you’re not facing any trials or stresses alone!


  1. Cast your cares.

Most importantly, take time to spend with God. I know it can be chaotic and it might feel almost impossible to stop our busy schedules, but you Art.99need to. Believe me. Trusting in Him and casting your cares on the Lord will make you feel humbled and more willing to face the day. As Proverbs 3:5­-6 states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; ​in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” (NIV Bible). Our days are short and uncertain, but when we take the time out and pray to Him, our struggles and anxieties seem so minuscule. Therefore when we trust in the Lord we don’t need to worry about tomorrow, because God already knows exactly how it will start and how it will end.


P.S. this is the very first article that I have written, so please be kind! :­)

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